Burberry House Check & Leather Diaper Bag 

Jeans: Women’s Ag The Farrah High Waist Skinny Jeans, Size 27 – Blue |Shirt: Michael Stars Super Soft Boat Neck|Suede Boots: Old, similar here & here (on sale!)|Diaper Bag: Burberry  (also, liked this for more casual option and this is nice for summer, this was another casual option I was looking at and this  one is on sale!) Scarf: Old, Similar Burberry Light Weight Check |Sunglasses: Gucci (old), similar here, here & here (the last ones are on sale!) Photo Credit: Ireland Marchand

I hope everyone’s week is going well! Our baby Elle is fighting her first serious cold. She has no fever and has been SO pleasant, which helps me to not stress as much when I hear her little cough. We just got settled back into our casa after a couple roadies to visit family. Elle and Sadie have spent the majority of the last two weeks away from home and they were such great little travellers. We have to pack SO much more stuff now though. Babies come with an incredible amount of equipment! Travelling definitely isn’t as easy as it once was, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. 

Anyway, let’s talk fashion. I always invest in my handbags. It makes sense to me, because they are something I use everyday. So when I found out I was pregnant, naturally, the hunt for the perfect diaper bag began! I will admit, it was quite frustrating than most handbag shopping experiences. I had a very difficult time finding something that fit my personal style. I wanted a bag I could dress up or down, but felt most were too much on the casual side for me.

That said, Burberry isn’t a brand I go-to for purses, but when I stumbled on this diaper bag, I fell in love – it was the perfect fit for my style and new #momlife needs. It’s fairly spacious. It has compartments for bottles, diapers and also includes a change mat. Along with those items, I can fit an extra set of clothes for Elle inside, as well as a toy or two, small blanket and even a few of my own items (wallet, small make-up pouch, etc). It’s black, which works with most ensembles, but the Burberry Check adds another element,  making it more interesting than basic, yet still classic.

Some may feel a diaper bag isn’t a worthy investment (like my husband, haha), but I personally feel justified, considering I will be lugging diapers around every day for the next couple years. Why would I not carry them in a bag I love – right? Anyway, I typically double this as a diaper bag/purse when I’m going out with baby in tote (no pun intended). The odd time I will carry a purse as well, like if I’m planning on leaving diaper bag in car, but it’s usually unnecessary. So, overall I feel it’s super practical and I have been really happy with it thus far. I’ve also linked some other diaper bag options I was looking at while I was searching for “the one”. They are all nice, but ultimately, this was the best fit for me.

As a side note, all my outfit details are also linked. These AG jeans are SO comfortable. I have had several pairs from this brand, but I didn’t love, because I found they stretched out too much. I bought these ones when I still had some pregnancy weight on and wanted the extra stretch, so I went a size up (27) and they have kept shape and are like wearing yoga pants! I would say they are pretty true to size. I also love the dark denim with a slight fade and monochromic stitching, since it’s different than most jeans. It also makes them slightly more elegant denim.

Lastly, this shirt is the most COMFORTABLE and easy shirt to wear. It can be dressed up or down and I have gotten so much wear out of it. It literally feels like pyjamas! It is so soft – you will want to live in it! I am noticing that I am all about comfort these days. I live in yoga pants when I am around the house, so when I get dressed up, I tend to look for those comfy and relaxed qualities in my clothing.

Do any other mamma’s notice this need for comfort since having a baby? Is it just me!? Anyway, have a wonderful rest of your week and thanks for reading!



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