WARDOBE STAPLES:  When to Invest in Closet Essentials  

Coat: Cinzia Rocca (old), see similar Cinzia Rocca here (on sale!), I also love this classic  Max Mara and this is a great bang for buck! | Suede Booties: Kate Spade (old), similar here and these are on sale!  |Diaper Bag: Burberry (similar here  and ons sale!) | Cat Eye Sunglasses: Michael Kors (old) similar here and here and here

As an Image Consultant, whenever I’m executing a wardrobe audit, I always like to discuss the importance of wardrobe staples. To me, these are essential, classic pieces that transcend time and can be easily updated with trendier items. I love mixing high and low fashion and I’m often asked which pieces are worth investing in and which pieces to skimp on.  Today, I’m going to discuss a wardrobe staple I highly recommend investing on: a quality classic coat.

When I am looking for a wardrobe staple or classic piece, I get a vision of what I want and I don’t like to settle until I find it (even if it takes weeks, months or longer). I feel it’s important to really know what you want and what you’re looking for when you’re investing into a piece such as this. That said, when I stumbled upon this Cinzia Rocca coat in Verona, I had to get it! It was exactly what I wanted – it ticked off all the boxes (great quality, right length, fit and colour). It also had a brown zip-out under layer, that could create a more casual look, which was a total bonus. Fast forward to 3 years later and  I am still wearing it with ease. What more could I ask for?

Although it is FINALLY starting to warm up here, I wanted to use this coat as an example, as I have been able to wear it fall, winter and spring. A classic coat doesn’t have to be camel, but I simply love how a camel coat stands out from the sea of black. I feel they are timeless and also always look perfectly polished. They can be dressed up or down. Most can be worn with pumps and a dress, but can look equally good with jeans and sneakers. These are qualities I want from a classic closet staple – timeless versatility.

Some wardrobe staples demand more thought than others, as they can be more costly. For example, everyone should have the perfect white t-shirt, but you will probably want to replace this every year and can likely find a great one for $30 or less if you choose. When it comes to items like a classic everyday coat or handbag, these can be a bit more costly. That said, I really like to consider the ROI (return on investment) with an item such as this. So, before I invest in a pricy wardrobe piece, here are some questions I like to ask myself:

  1. Is it quality? (is it well constructed and made from high quality material)
  2. Can it be worn in more than one way?
  3. Do I like how it looks on my body?
  4. Does it work with my lifestyle?
  5. Does it fit well and is it comfortable?
  6. Can I see myself wearing this for many seasons?
  7. Does this piece reflect my personal style?

It seems basic, but you will be surprised how much more you will appreciate your purchases when you learn what pieces to invest in and asking yourself these questions is half the battle. Once you train yourself to understand what clothing  pieces are worth your hard earned cash and which ones you can find for less, you will be so much happier with your wardrobe. The price you pay for a well-thought investment piece – something you will adore for years – will far outweigh the impulse purchases that hang in your closet, never worn, with price tags attached.

Thanks for reading – I hope everyone has a fabulous week!

PS: End of season sales are the PERFECT time to hunt for wardrobe staples! Those quality and classic pieces will possibly be on sale, and although you won’t be able to wear it right away, you will likely enjoy for many seasons to come!



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