Mom-ing Fashion Essentials: Chic pieces you can slip on & go…

Cardigan: Gap |Tank: Michael Stars (not available, but similar here on sale!)| Jeans: Emerson Boyfriend | Shoes: Gucci Mules and these are amazing dupes! Also, these are another great dupe under $50 | Scarf: Old (similar here) |Diaper Bag: Burberry (on sale here!)

I hope everyone is having a great weekend and that all the mom’s are being spoiled today! Whether you have given birth, chosen a child, been a spiritual mom who encourages, you deserve honour and praise today! My week has been so busy! Between work and house guests, on top of Andrew being out of town, it’s been a whirlwind. Elle is teething and going through a developmental leap, so she will barely let me put her down. That said, this post is fitting, as with a hectic lifestyle of being a mom, having go-to-uniforms, like the outfit in this post, are essential right now.

As part of my style personality (especially since becoming a mom) I value comfort. Being busy moms or just busy women in general, easy to slip on, chic clothing pieces are our best friends. In that case, I have two wardrobe items that are must haves for your closet: enter, boyfriend jeans and mules. If you haven’t already adopted these into your wardrobe – you are missing out! Both items are on trend and they are just so practical and smart. Did I mention, quintessential for mom-ing around the town and running errands? (You will manage to feel comfy and still look put-together.)

Mules are basically slip on shoes. They originated in ancient Rome as a bedroom slipper and have worked their way into this century as an everyday shoe. They come in a variety of styles and are super hot right now. The mules I’m wearing are more of a preppy style. They are called, Princetown Loafers, by Gucci. These are the perfect slip on and go shoe (literally). They are also the perfect travel shoe – you can walk around for hours and look stylish without aching feet (not an ordinary combo). Also, I might add, definitely a vital shoe addition if you live in a big city and walk to work and hate wearing sporty sneakers with your dresses (like me). You can also opt to carry them around in your purse as a back up shoe when your feet get sore!

The boyfriend Jeans I am wearing in the photos are by Citizens of Humanity. These are one of my long time FAVOURITE brands of premium denim. The ones I am wearing are the Emerson slim fit boyfriend style. I actually bought them a few years ago, so they were a great investment, as I am still wearing them. There are SO many great boyfriend denims out there at the moment though, at all different price points (H&M has some really nice versions for great prices right now).

As comfortable as boyfriend jeans can be, I will admit, I find them slightly more difficult to wear than other denim styles. I don’t consider myself long and lean or petit, which are the body types I feel can easily wear these jeans (or anything for that matter). I am more on the curvy side, so if I am not careful, this style can make me feel frumpy. But paired with the right pieces, creating the right balance, I can pull them off.  That said, I like to wear mine with either heals, to feminize them and or loose fitting cardigans over fitted tanks to form a good balanced outfit. I have actually created a couple go-to-looks that I can throw on in a hurry, so I can wear these comfy pieces with more ease. This makes it more effortless for me to get ready quicker.

That said, like most fashion trends or clothing pieces, these are not for everyone. Some people can throw on anything on and look great. If you’re like me; that’s not always the case.  It takes time to source the right pieces to flatter my figure. Some styles just don’t work on every body type, no matter how hard you try or what you pair with them. Knowing what compliments your body type and style personality are key to making getting dressed and looking and feeling great, stress free and fun. If this is something you struggle with and would like some help, hit me up for a consult! You can check out my image consulting offerings at:

Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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