Accessorizing Bold Colours (for work related events)

Shoes: Tory Burch | Clutch: Cynthia Vincent |Dress: J.Crew (on sale!) |Sunglasses: Gucci (old) similar herehere & here

Happy Tuesday! Today I am talking  about accessorizing bold colours, such as this dress. I get numerous inquiries on what colour shoe, purse, nail polish and make-up, to choose for events when wearing vibrant coloured ensembles. It definitely varies depending on the event, so today I am zeroing in on work related events.

Although it really depends on the season and one’s personal style, during spring, summer and early fall, I tend to defer to nudes. Not only do they let the colourful outfit take the centre stage, a nude shoe (or polish) elongates the legs and is just classic and fail proof. However, it really depends on the the message you’re trying to send and of course, your audience. This is why selecting the perfect attire for someone else, isn’t always as simple as it may seem.

On that note, I often have people reach out to me for direction on event attire. It’s not always easy to give a quick answer without a proper consult. It involves a certain level of depth and understanding of a client to make sure I am helping them meet their objectives, while ensuring they feel comfortable in their own skin and are staying true to themselves. The latter is so important to the over-all impression. One needs to feel comfortable to feel confident and confidence is a message we all want to send.

That said, during a consult, there are various things to learn and understand about an individual when aiding them with this process. We look at all angles, such as, what is the purpose of the event? What is the objective of client? What is their personal style like? etc, etc, etc.

For instance, somone in a creative environment, (such as advertising, fashion, etc.), might want to express their originality or artistic side with fun colourful accessories. So I might advise mixing complementary brights. These are colours opposite on the colour wheel (think blue and orange or yellow). Another more subdued, but equally eye catching option, is to try for an analogous colour scheme. These are colours directly next to each other on the colour wheel (think fuchsia, red and orange combo).

Keeping in mind, both options require skill. There is a definite balancing act to the mixing and matching of head-to-toe brights. Career goals aside, it also requires a personal style that is reflective of this bold look. It definitely is not for the faint of heart.

On the other hand, for individuals in more structured or high level executive job roles, such as political figures, CEOs and such, I would advise keeping things conservative for a work-related event. Thus I would definitely opt for accessories in the neutral department.

If you or someone you know needs help preparing for an upcoming event, media or speaking engagement, check out our services at Requisite Consulting, for more information. In our sessions, we get to know you, understand your objectives, combined with personal style, and translate that into a look that is consistent with your message.

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