White After Labour Day 

Sweatshirt: Aerie (on sale) | Jeans: Paige | Sneakers: All-White Converse Chuck Taylors | Handbag: Pouchette Metis Monogram

You have probably heard that wearing white after Labour Day is a major fashion faux pas, right? So many people will pack up their summer whites upon labour day and say farewell until next year. Guess what – you don’t have to say goodbye to all your crisp, fresh whites. The “no white after labour day” fashion rule is totally outdated. You can wear white all year round.

The key is to ensure you’re choosing a fabric that coincides with the season and that you’re comfortable and confident sporting it too. That said, steer clear of linens or even white denim. Look for heavier textures and fabrics during cooler months – think wools, cashmere’s, etcetera (i.e., a white wool coat or white cashmere sweater).

Also, choose whites that work with your complexion (always). True whites look better on people with cool complexions. Warm whites, such as ivory or soft white will better suit individuals with warm colouring. Accessory wise, for the fashion risk-takers and envelope-pushers, white shoes & handbags are very high fashion right now, for the more conservative and classic, white sneakers are always in style.

Although I’m wearing a casual look, I would totally be inclined to choose an all white ensemble, like a white sweater dress or even wool blend jumpsuit or wool blend dress pants and turtleneck. Head-to-toe white can be so polished, modern, chic and regal. Whether it’s for you, just depends on your style personality.

If you’re like me and love white, I hope this gives you some confidence to work it into the colder months. Thanks for reading and have an awesome week! Xx


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