Holiday Traditions

Red Coat: JCrew Factory | Black Hat with Fur Ball: (old), but love this Moncler one & thisbaby alpaca version by Canadian designer Sentaler: Jeans: Rocket Skinny by Citizen of Humanity | Boots: Ugg Viki Waterproof Boot | Elle’s Coat: Baby Gap Sherpa Sweater (which is on sale!) & I also like this gap one that is more unisex version | Elle’s Hat & Boots: Roots (last season), similar here | Elles faux fur booties: Roots (last season) similar UGG version, here | Sleigh: Steambridge & this very similar one is on sale!

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season! It truly is such a wonderful time of year. I have incredibly fond memories of Christmas as a child. Not because I was spoiled with gifts, but because of the love & excitement that surrounded the season. Don’t get me wrong, like any kid, I was overjoyed when the WISH BOOK (aka: the Sears catolog) would arrive in the mail. I almost had as much fun putting checkmarks by my fave things, as I did receiving gifts Christmas morning. I didn’t get everything I asked for (because there was ALOT), but my parents always made sure my siblings and I had a few of the things that were top of our list and I cherished those toys so much!

Christmas conjures up so many more pleasant memories in my mind! I can recall the exact feeling of excitement, decorating the house with my mom – going to the attic and dragging out all the decorations – it was the best! I loved helping her place things and also watching her decorate the tree (she did it so beautifully). Eating Christmas chocolates was a high! You know,  the ones you would only see at that time of year – the ones that came in boxes or tin cans and always contained a cherry that you would try to dodge!

Helping my mom bake is also a very pleasant memory (she was and still is such a good baker). I would sneak the raw dough or ask to lick the bowl (still do this – hehe). I can remember playing with the tiny manger scene and Christmas village my mom had (she had the most beautiful village). I loved playing with those almost more than any toy! I can also remember looking forward to Christmas day visits – where we would drop in to our friend’s houses and play with them and their toys.

Like most families, we had our own holiday traditions. A few I especially enjoyed were driving around to see Christmas lights with the family. Dad would take us to look at lights all over town and we would ohh and awe at the beauty and uniqueness of each, while picking our faves!  Christmas eve church service was always extra beautiful – the candles and carols really helped set the mood. We also started baking Christmas cookies with my mom, nieces and nephews every year since they were small. I’m super excited for Elle to partake in that tradition this year!

All that to say, I naturally have tried to keep these wonderful traditions alive, by incorporating them into the holiday routine with our own little family. This is really only our second Christmas with Elle and third with Sadie. Although Elle doesn’t totally get it yet, she is riding the high of all the excitement that goes along with it and I can tell she knows it’s a special time of year. So it’s been a lot of fun thus far and we have already begun to create our own Christmas traditions (which I think it super important as a family).

Something we started this year, was decorating a tree outside our house with ornaments. My very talented niece, Ireland, was in town to take Christmas photos of us for our Christmas card, so we thought it was the perfect time to decorate the tree and capture it (now we can show Elle someday). It didn’t take us long and although Elle wasn’t able to help (this year), I think she had fun (except when she started fussing in the end, haha). The snow was falling so soft and pretty! We had eggnog in our thermal cups and a basket with Christmas balls. Sadie was running around being  a dog -haha (imagine!). It was so lovely, but also felt very merry Griswold (which is usually the vibe our family takes on, haha), as we tried to calm Elle down and wrap up the shoot whilst still enjoying the moment (all part of life and the memories!).

What do you and your families do for the holidays? Do you have any special traditions? I’d love to hear about them!! Until then, thanks for reading and Merry Christmas to you and yours! Xx


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