Moncler Barber Down Puffer Coat

perfect lightweight casual coat for those in-betnween seasons

Jacket: Moncler Barbel Down Puffer Coat this Mackage version is also nice & this one is cute & on sale for under $100! | Boots: Jcrew Nordic Wedge (no longer amiable) | Cable-knit Sweater: JCrew on sale for 15% off! | Hat: No longer available, but love this Moncler one! | Handbag: Pouchette Metis | Jeans: Mother – High Waisted Looker (seriously the most comfortable, flattering jeans & love the wash – size down).

So, it’s officially spring, but if you live in New Brunswick, Canada, we like to call it, Sprinter. Ya know, the temps have warmed up a bit, but there is still snow and you defiantly still need a substantial coat.

This Moncler coat has been a major sporty staple for me during both spring and fall. Temps tend to be all over the place in eastern Canada during these seasons – they can seriously go from plus to minus in the matter of hours and this coat has me covered (literally). It’s rain resistant and light weight and perfect for those in-between weather months.

When I purchased this coat, I was a few months pregnant with Elle, so I  went with the draw string waist, so it could grow with my expanding bump. They have various lightweight styles to suit your personal style/lifestyle. This particular coat travels so easy, whether I stick it in my suitcase or wear it on the plane. It takes up barely any space, weighs next to nothing and doesn’t wrinkle.

it’s defiantly a functional closet staple if you are an outdoors girl. I do a lot of walking with side and this is great for that. Depending on weather conditions (and my mood), I’ve worn this jacket with my hunter rain boots and or winter boots as well as sporty sneakers. For a casual look that isn’t too sporty, I like to wear it with crisp white sneakers and denims or leggings – a practical put-together look for running errands or perusing the streets on a vacation (tourist chic).

I’ve had inquiries about the sizing of Moncler coats. I personally find this brand’s sizing is a bit on the smaller side or more tailored and fitted. So I ordered this in a 2. I could have went down a size, but I wanted to feel comfortable layering it over sweaters for colder days and also during my pregnancy.

Although I personally love the Moncler brand, there are SO many similar versions of this lightweight coat that are equally nice and great quality. I have linked a few similar styles above.

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