REVIEW: Dyson Air Wrap – is it worth the money?

For Christmas I received the Dyson Hair Wrap from Andrew (aka hubs). At first I was a little annoyed, as I thought maybe he didn’t really put much thought into it, since he knew I already had the Dyson Supersonic blow dryer, because he got it for me the Christmas prior -haha. Then when I did some research, I realized the Air Wrap had more accessory attachments and thus could do more than just blow dry your hair. I also then thought, ugh, is this going to be complicated, because there are not many things I look forward to less, than lots of instructions AND blow-drying my hair (combined).


I tried out the brush attachments first and thought, okay – this definitely makes my hair more smooth and straight. I prefer the bulkier brush for my hair, because it can be course and frizzy (if you have fine un-frizzy hair you may prefer the softer brush attachment). I still had to go over my hair with a flat iron, but it looked more polished than usual and it took way less time. Needless to say, I was happy and impressed. I tried the round brush attachment next, which I liked, but didn’t find it a super big deal. Its smaller than the round brush I would typically use for volume, so I mainly used it to just smooth out my ends. This one would probably work better on someone with fine hair, needing volume.

I saved the wand wrap attachments for last, as they appeared to be more complicated. Anyone who knows me, knows I dislike a complicated anything, especially when it comes to my hair. One day, I just thought I would give it a shot, without reading anything or watching any “how to” videos (also, dislike watching these) and just see how I made out.  I am happy to report, it wasn’t that complicated at all. It was actually super easy and made my hair look like it literally came from salon blow out. The bonus is it took me no time at all! There are two sizes, the smaller ones create more of a curl, while the bitter ones add more wave or volume. (*I recommend using the blow dryer attachment to dry hair 85% of the way before using any of the styling attachments.)

The Air Wrap comes with a case (same as Supersonic). It’s very nice, but too bulky to pack in luggage or take with you on trips. I use it to store my attachments and when I travel I take just a few of my fave attachments with me in a small linen bag.


Over-all, I highly recommend the Dyson Air Wrap. If you’re going between the Supersonic and the Air Wrap, than I hands down recommend the latter. It’s a bit more expensive, but worth the extra – it does WAY more (I feel I get more value for dollars with this model).  As a busy mom juggling multiple businesses, I find it hard to find time to style my hair, but this amazing hair tool makes it very easy (and fast) to have salon blow-out worthy hair.

If you have either one of these models, would love to hear with you think! Do you find it saves you time and do you feel it’s worth the money?! My husband scored my Supersonic, so this present was definitely a win for him too. Which reminds me, Mother’s Day is coming up this weekend (*hint hint, guys!) Until next time – thanks for reading!


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