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SO, we have some very EXCITING news! As some of you may have already known, we are expecting our second child! We secretly hoped for a second, but were just going with the flow, allowing it to happen in it’s own time, although, I think if hadn’t happened by Elle’s second birthday in September, we might have started to “try harder” haha.


Ultimately, we left it in God’s hands and were happily surprised to find out were pregnant in February (shortly after we came home from our trip to London!). That said, it’s been VERY hard to keep a secret, but we had a couple of scares along the way and having had a miscarriage in the past (pre-Elle), we felt it was best to wait until the most uncertain part of the pregnancy is over.

E85E591C-96F5-4312-AB67-B0DCFB08B8B7So here we are! I am most excited Elle will grow up with a sibling having grown up with 3 of my own, whom I consider my best friends. I love the idea of them having another family member to lean on when Andrew and I are no longer around to care for them (which I hope is a very, very long time from now – of course). I can’t wait to make memories with them and see them make memories together. I think Elle will make such a wonderful big sister, however, I do worry about Sadie – haha.


Sadie had a hard time adjusting to not being the only baby in the house (for those of you that are new to my blog, Sadie is our fur child and first baby). She was always gentle with Elle, but jealous, none-the-less. I do notice their bond gets stronger and stronger everyday,  as Elle gets older and can better interact. So I do feel in a way that Elle has prepared Sadie for this next chapter of becoming a party of five – haha. Also, Sadie really does still come everywhere with us! After all, she is a major part of our family and we simply don’t feel complete when she isn’t around.

7F0CE97D-9F50-4D56-9F98-52ABCF724AB2What do you guys  think we are having? Andrew and I both say it’s another girl, but some of my family think it’s a boy. I honestly don’t care. Although a girl would be easy, because I already have one and would love for Elle to have a sister, a boy would be equally as wonderful as it would be great to have one of each also. Either way, we don’t care at all – as we know God has it all planned out and either will bring us insurmountable much joy!


All that to say, there will be lots of pregnancy related fashion and beauty content in the coming months! I relied heavily on these type of blogs when I was expecting with Elle, so I hope to provide the same inspiration and make it easy for other pregnant women to shop for the perfect outfits and products along their journey! If you’re expecting and have any specific pregnancy-related questions for me, please send me a note – would love to hear from you!!

Talk soon!


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