Bump Friendly Fabric



Dress: Zara (I sized up to a medium) | Shoes: Pigalle 100 Christian Louboutin | Belt: Gucci (silver buckle no longer available) | Purse: Chanel (medium double flap with silver hardware)

Clothes with stretch are a go-to on a good day for me, however, since learning I am pregnant with my second child they have quickly become my BEST friend. Part of my style personality is a major seeker of comfort. I mean, if I am not going out, you can basically find me in Lulu Lemons! That being said, stretchy fabrics are one of the top characteristics I look for in clothing as an expecting mom.

As an image consultant, stylist and fashion junkie, I love to find pieces that are going to give me bang for my buck and flatter my figure, while also keeping me looking current. We should still be able to be stylish even though we are pregnant – right?!. That said, since finding out I was pregnant, the fact that my body will change weekly has also become front of mind when shopping.


Having been pregnant before, I realize the changes my body will go thru and also how much I prefer sizing up in non-maternity over most maternity clothes. (Although, maternity clothes are almost a must for the end of third trimester, since nothing tends to fit – ha!)  All that in mind, its important to be able to identify pieces that will expand with my ever expanding belly.

What expands better than stretchy fabrics!? This is why I tend to lean toward body-con dresses during my pregnancies. A bonus I noted is that body-con dresses, tend to run on the less expensive side. I have found many under $30, so if I wear them a handful of times its worth it! Of course, like anything, you can pay oodles of money for designer styles, but I mean, you’re only pregnant for 9 months, so personally I would rather not splurge on these items (although I have for a few occasions).

This dress I’m wearing was such a great find. I love a high neck on me and it’s warm red (almost coral) is one of my best colours for spring and summer. I purchased this at Zara while on vacation in Miami when I as 8 weeks pregnant and am still able to wear it at 18 weeks. I am confident I’ll get much more wear out of it too and it was under $40 (CAD). (ps: I sized up for extra room to grow – this is a medium.)

It came with a matching fabric belt, which gives it a chic monochromatic look that would look great with a pair of wedge sandals. However, I love that I can swap out the belt for my own (as seen). I feel it takes it to a more high level professional level for work or meetings, while making it my own! Over-all this dress is great purchase. I love it’s versatility and that it can be dressed up or down – always a selling point for me!

I hope you are all having a great week! Thanks for reading and talk soon!!


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