Pretty & Preppy Gingham

Dress: by JCrew – no longer available, but similar Jcrew style here | Shoes: Stuart Weitzman | Purse: Chanel Double Flap, size medium, also love this quilted Rebecca Minkoff which is similar style for less & this Tory Burch style has same vibe as well

So, I am 18 weeks pregnant (yay!) and showing a lot earlier than my first pregnancy, which I hear is the norm. With Elle, I didn’t really start getting a bump until around 23 weeks. My clothes were still not fitting me though. I was just looking like I was gaining weight, so in a way, I am sort of happy I am beginning to show earlier this time. Oddly enough, this time around, I am still wearing my normal jeans (although they are getting quite snug).

I quickly learned during my last pregnancy that maternity clothes weren’t my only option. Most pieces I would find were not really my style and to be quite honest, over-priced for how much I will wear them. So, I began to just size-up in non-maternity clothes, from inexpensive stores (i.e., Winners, Old Navy, Zara & Jcrew to name a few).


This time around, I was extra conscious of buying clothes that would allow me some wiggle room through the first few months of my pregnancy, such as this dress. I actually picked this up last summer at a J. Crew Factory Store, but it’s a great example. During later stages of pregnancy, maternity clothes are almost a must, because, well, you get to the point that nothing seems to fit! ha! however, for the coming weeks I plan to focus on non-mat purchases.


That said, I have linked some similar style dresses below, that could also work, depending on your shape and stage in pregnancy. This straight shift style is boxy enough to allow room for early stages of bump. I might not get many more weeks out of it, as baby will increase in size quicker and quicker, but this would serve someone well for the first 20 weeks and if you sized up (this is my regular size), then you might get even longer.

Thanks for reading! Until next time!


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