My Top 12 Favourite (& most useful) Baby Products

1) HALO Bassinest | 2) Bumbo Floor Seat | 3) Skip Hop Explore Baby’s View 3-Sstage Activity Center |4) Lulujo Swaddles | 5.) Baby Muslin Washcloths & Towels | 6) DockATot (I have this exact print – loved it) | 7) Baby Shusher  | 8) My Breast Friend | 9) Make My Day Bib | 10) Aden & Anais Stoller Blanket | 11) Blendtec Designer Series | 12) NogginStik 

During my first pregnancy I relied heavily on momma reviews while searching for the MANY products that come along with having a new baby. The process of finding these items could have been SO overwhelming, but fortunately there were so many mammas that had taken the time to do reviews, thus making the hunt for the best for my sweet babe (Elle Rose) a bit easier (and enjoyable).

That said, I have been meaning to return the favour by posting a blog of my favourite products that I felt really gave me bang for my buck and worked well for us. I have been meaning to do this since Elle’s first birthday, but what better time to write this post, but when I am expecting baby #2 and contemplating what products to keep and replace for next baby. See list below of things we loved! (refer to image above to correspond photo with number).

1) HALO Bassinest: I had a natural delivery, but one really never knows how a delivery is going to go, so this is a great option for mothers who have had c-sections or mothers looking for a bedside bassinet for safer co-sleeping environment. The latter rated high with me, because I wanted Elle close the first few months of her life, to make it easy to breast feed thru the night, but mainly because it decreased the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome), which is highest in their first year of life.  I don’t judge moms that co-sleep with their babies (you do what you can to get through!), but for me, I was so hyper paranoid, I loved having Elle right next to me in her own bed. Also loved the breathable mesh on the sides for this reason also. The height of this bassinet adjusts to most beds, and it can swivel around and smoothly moves when you need to get out of bed. We used this for the first 5 months of Elles life, so got LOTS of use from it and will use it for next baby – so totally worth the money!

2) Bumbo Floor Seat: this is a seat to be used on the floor and assist your baby to learn to sit up on their own. It does warn not to place seat on high surfaces, however, we had the tray accessory which they say is for toys, but we honestly used it as a highchair for the first few months when Elle started on solids. It was so easy to feed her in this – but we never left her side. I’m not recommending anyone to do this, as mentioned the company does warn against for good reasons (i.e., if left unattended baby could fall off surface). We never had any issues of her tipping or falling out of it, but still would NEVER leave her in it on a high surface unattended. I was really happy with it (value for dollars). It states its for baby 3-9 months. Elle used it almost up until she was a year old. I think the length of time you get out of it, really depends on how big your child is and how chubby their legs are – haha.

3) Skip Hop Explore & More Baby’s View 3 Stage Activity Centre: This was another great purchase. I actually found it on sale at Bed, Bath & Beyond for a great price when I purchased it. It was actually one of our BEST and most used baby products. Elle loved playing in it and listening to her nursery rhyme shows. It was perfect to place her in there when I needed to cook or tidy up. It kept her entertained and I didn’t have to worry about here going anywhere – haha. Loved this and will definitely be using it with our next baby. Total life saver!

4) Lulujo Swaddles: Okay, I loved these muslin blankets. They are made with organic cotton. Although I mostly used a zip style swaddle, these were  just the perfect light blanket to wrap around baby or put over in carseat or stroller. Elle was born in September, which tends to be hot where I live – always concerned about baby overheating or being to cold – these were great (nice and light). Also, great for towel after pool-time, tummy time and for travel! For instance, when you are at an airport with you baby who isn’t crawling yet, you can place one of these on the floor and have a clean safe spot for them to sit or  lay there and play with their toys. Easy to fit in carry on or diaper bag and bonus that they come in the cutest patterns!

5) Baby Muslin Washcloths & Towels: I am still using these for Elle. I wish I actually had some or myself – haha. They are organic and so soft and thick. They soak up water really well – total quality product. Honestly, don’t purchase any other facecloth or towels – just get these! I ordered mine on amazon. I purchased the all white ones because I am anal about my towels all matching – haha.

6) Dock-A-Tot: This was something I hummed and hawed over, due to price and mixed reviews. I wondered if I would actually use it. Well, did I ever. I used it to place Elle when I needed to do something near by and needed a safe spot to put her. I used it to put her snowsuit on thru the entire winter.  She napped in it (only when I was awake and watching her – I never co-slept – although many parents purchase this for that reason). We also always travelled with it. So, yes, I personally used it a lot right up until she was at least 10 months old. Definitely felt it was worth it and will use it with second baby!

7) The Baby Shusher: This was a life saver those first few weeks/months of Elle’s life. Baby’s love the sound of shhhhhhh – it soothes them. I believe it’s because it reminds them of being in the womb. SO, having a colicky baby that didn’t sleep well, this came in handy – because trust me – you do get tired of shhhhhhhushing on your own – haha. SO this ingenious little product does it for you! Inexpensive and very useful. Great for a shower gift too!

8) My Brest Friend: I didn’t try other breastfeeding pillows but had read great reviews on this so I went with it. I loved it! It is so firm – which is great for baby. I could actually walk around the house with Elle on this while nursing. I had some friends that tried other breast feeding pillows and ended up switching to this. I will be using mine again this time around. I actually wouldn’t mind trying the travel one too (has anyone used it?!)

9) Make My Day Bibs: we recieved this as a shower gift and it was one of the best gifts! It’s BPA free silicone, stain resistant, dishwasher safe and have a built-in crumb catcher it has an adjustable strap that fits sizes 6 months to 3 years old. You can use and reuse with a simple rinse. Great for travel (only need to take the one bib!). We bought another one to keep in Elle’s diaper bag for outings. The “breakfast at mom’s” style we were gifted is tiffany blue with white pearl design at the neck – so chic and stylish!

10) Anais & Aiden Stroller Blanket: Silky soft, light & cozy. We didn’t have this exact print. Elle’s was a baby pink with white stars and the inside was striped. It felt like it had been already broken in for us (in a good way). I loved that it got better with each wash. We used this a lot during our autumn/spring walks and even just around the house. It came everywhere with us. I actually wish they made adult size. That would be amazing.

11) Blendtech Designer Series: We bought this before Elle, but never used it more than I did after having a child. I made all of Elle’s first foods. I loved the idea of giving her fresh vegetable and fruit, so we purred everything ourselves and this blender totally came in handy. I still use it to make soups and smoothies and will definitely use it tonnes for baby #2 when it comes time to feed them solids.

12) NogginStik Developmental Toy: The NoggnStik Developmental Light-up Rattle is an educational tool that won a few awards! It has simple instructions that will guide you through activities and interactions that help encourage your baby’s milestones, beginning right at birth. The NogginStik helps promote visual tracking, auditory orientation, grasping, reaching and language skills. Elle loved this from early on. Definitely recommend.

I hope this list helps you on your search for the perfect baby products for your precious little one. Please reach out if you have any specific questions on this or other baby/pregnancy related topics! Also, feel free to share any of your favourite products too, as I will be on the hunt for the news and latest for the next babes. I plan to do a haul blog on some new products I buy for next baby! Stay tuned! Thanks for reading and have week!


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