Encouraging Creative Play with our Kids

My Dress: PinkBlush (on sale!) |Headband: Lele Sadoughi | Elle’s Dress: Jessica Simpson (on sale!) | Doll & Book: Lulujo

When it comes to child development, playtime is SO important. According to research, pretend play or creative play, such as caring for dolls, teaches children responsibility, creativity, communication skills and how to empathize with those around them. Specifically, researchers say pretend play helps set young children up for more successful careers and lives. A great article (which can be found here) states that this is true across cultures and is likely the ultimate reason why dolls are a global phenomenon.


Since Elle was able to comprehend, we have encouraged her to play with her dolls, not just because of the many benefits, but because it’s fun! I always loved playing with my dolls when I was a kid. Me and my friends would pretend play for hours and sometimes I would just play alone as well. Dolls were my favourite game as a little girl!

This day in age seems to be technology driven/overload for kids, with TVs, iPads, etc., so I love that we are seeing the return to simplicity. What I mean by that is returning to the past, when things were simpler. No talking dolls or dolls that even do anything special at all, but just a simple dolly that allows kids to use their imagination.




We bought Elle her first doll when she turned one and since then she has adopted many more! She has a name for each and every one of them and it’s so fun watching her take care of her “babies.” When I listen to  her talk to them, it’s just the best (she is so sweet – melts my heart). The most recent addition to Elle’s collection is this beautiful Waldorf-Inspired heirloom doll! It is her new favourite!






The doll is so soft; perfect as a “first & beyond” doll for any child. I also love that it’s the type of toy you can store as a keepsake and it can be passed down for generations, making it extra special. There are two dolls to choose from – “Lulu”, which is a girl (that’s the doll Elle has) and “Jo”, which is a boy. They are named after the brand that created them, Lulujo Baby, which is actually named after the brand founder’s two children, Lulu & Jo. The dolls also come with a little muslin blanket (which Lulujo is famed for) so kids can tuck in their doll (so cute).




Lulujo was actually a go-to of mine for muslin blankets when Elle was a baby. The products are amazing quality and I love that they are created by a mom and that she is a local to where I live! Lulujo products are sold in many major stores as well as smaller boutiques and even graced the Ellen Show a couple times.  I just love seeing anyone succeed, especially when they come from a small place like my city of Fredericton, New Brunswick! So exciting.



There is also a board book about each doll, which are beautifully and artfully crafted by award winning Canadian author, Sheree Fitch. Elle and I both really enjoy reading it – definitely one of our new faves (daddy’s too!).


If you live in the Fredericton area, you can get this amazing new heritage collection doll & book at Room 2 Remember Kidz, or check them out here! Until next time, thanks for reading and have the best day!




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