Happy 2nd Birthday, Isabella Rose

Wow, where has the time gone? We celebrated our precious little Elle Belle’s 2nd birthday over labour day weekend! Although, her official birthday is today! (Sept 6th). We kept it on the simple side this year, since we have been travelling most of summer and came home to our house in shambles, as we had it all painted while away (nesting!).




We kept it to just close friends and family and invited a few of Elle’s play buddies. Most people were away, since it was the long weekend, but her bestie Lola was there and that’s all that mattered to her! They had so much fun on the bouncy tent and playing, eating kangaroos in her tent (this is what she calls little cheesy chips she loves – haha, not sure where the name came from).



We had the pastry chef from our restaurant create a cake for her. Since Elle loves banana loaf (like her dad) we used that for inspo. It was really delicious. There was no major theme this year, just lots of colour, to reflect her fun and colourful personality,  and splashes of Pepa Pig (of course). Andrew and I have never felt more relaxed hosting an event, which was nice. I think we will keep things simple like this going forward, actually. It seems to be more enjoyable for all and the meaning is not lost. It was all about Elle, as it should be.



What a beautiful and incredible little girl we have been blessed with. Andrew and I feel so blessed to be your parents, Elle Rose. You have brightened our lives and our home in more ways than we could ever express. You make us strive to be better versions of ourselves every day, for you. We love watching your sense of wonder and waiting for all the new hilarious things you say. You are such a special little girl with a sparkling personality that lights up a room. Your smile is the most beautiful I have ever seen and and that twinkle in your big beautiful blue eyes will take you places you never knew existed. Watching you grow and develop has been one of the best gifts I have ever received.




As I sit here, pregnant with our 2nd child, I find myself wondering what she will be like, just as I did with you. I look at you and see that you are everything and more than I ever imagined. I am in awe that you are ours and that the little things I imagined about you, are actually part of you. I imagined you would love to sing and your life is literally a musical! You sing all day every day! I imagined you would ride horses someday and you absolutely love horses, but your love for animals doesn’t stop there, you are absolutely the sweetest and love all of God’s creatures. You are especially sweet to your little baby dolls, which makes me so proud and I just know you’re going to be the best big sister/role model for your little baby sister.


We are truly blessed, because of you, Isabella Rose Dawson. I will never forget all those months I carried you in my womb and the day you came out to meet us, 5 days early. You are truly the most incredible thing that happened to us. You, Sadie and now another new addition. Life doesn’t get any better than that. Can’t wait to make more memories with you! Wishing you your best year ahead, with lots more laughter, love, beautiful discoveries and happiness. Love you to the moon and back, times infinity, my sweet little bunny.

Your Mom,


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