Review: Tatcha Skincare

When I first found out I was pregnant, I started doing a lot of research on pregnancy safe skincare products (more on this review here). I decided to try a few Tatcha. I hadn’t heard of the line, but a sales associate from Sephora told me the brand creator was apparently pregnant while she was creating the line, so she was concsious of making it very pregnancy friendly. Although I couldn’t find any info on this, it does make sense, considering most of the products are safe from pregnant women.

A little about the brand and product line: the creator travels to Kyoto and met a modern Geisha and the rest is history. The inspiration is drawn from this. We all know that the Japanese have amazingly beautiful skin, especially Geishas. So the formulas are created by US & Japanese scientists from scratch, honouring the history of these ancient recipes.


My experience started with their Dewy Skin Cream and the Rice Polish (classic) and have recently upgraded to their Silk Moisturizer, which is more anti-aging, combined with the Essence, which is supposed to soften, plump and make all your skincare work better! I have to say, I am super happy with everything I have tried thus far.



I love how it’s doing with my skin. I notice my pores are smaller and that my skin looks smoother. It is a little on the pricy side, but I love how it makes my skin look and feel. I will admit, I find their creams tend to not last as long as what I’m used to. I am sure it’s because I’m using too much, but I find it hard to use less. That would be my only compliant about the products.


I also tried a sample of their primer, which has gotten rave reviews. I am not sure if it’s because of its consistency or because it was just a little sample and I was maybe trying to get too much use out it. I personally didn’t find this spread well. It could also be beach I have skin on the dyer side. It also states that it keeps make-up out of your pores, which is wonderful. However, I did get a huge pimple when I was using this (and I rarely break out). I am not saying that this caused the pimple (it could have been hormonal or even just a fluke in timing, just something I noted. I do find it a bit thick, so it’s possible it isn’t for my skin. That said, I would give it another go!

They also recently came out with an eye cream and I  have a sample of that from Sephora on it’s way! I do love my Fresh eye cream (also pregnancy friendly) but am excited to try this one, since I’ve loved everything I have tried thus far!


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