Annual Fall Festival

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Happy Sunday, everyone!

I love, love the weekends, as it’s time we get to spend with our family and limited work, with the exception of right now, while Elle and Andrew nap! I should actually be napping as well, considering I am 36 weeks, so technically,  so could technically go into labour at any point now. However, still so much to do with work and around the house to prepare!



That aside, today we had a wonderful day doing our typical Sunday ritual: Church, brunch and then relax or do something as a family, like picking apples. Who else loves picking apples in the fall? I love it so much!! Autumn activities are the best and this is one of my faves. We started doing it a couple years ago, just Andrew and I, then last year we took Elle & Sadie and this year, we took my nieces too (special thanks to them for these photos!) T



These pictures are from fall festival at a local orchard. They had venders, bouncy tents a corn maze and lots of other fun festivities. It was only two weekends ago, but it literally felt like summer! It was so hot and so perfect. Elle actually did most of the picking and she loved every second. Only the MacIntosh trees were ready, but we managed to pick enough apples to make an apple pie and two crisps (no apples were wasted – yay!).




The leaves have begun to turn colour and they are so pretty. So next weekend (thanksgiving weekend) we plan to return to get pick more and make some desserts for our family dinner. My niece, Anna will be back in town visiting and my other niece that attends University there, will come spend the holiday weekend here. Elle adores and looks up to both girls, so she is so excited to have them here, as are Andrew and I. We love a full house, especially during holidays, plus they are SO helpful and such pleasure to have around.


(This photo was captured by the photographer at at the orchard: Lucenda Richard — she was great!)





Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend. What are some of your autumn rituals? Please comment and share below!! Thanks for reading and have a wonderful week!



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