Thankful, Grateful, Blessed

My Dress: PinkBlush | My Shoes: No longer available but very similar versions here, here & love these too! | Elle’s Dress: Found this at my local Winners, but this one is very similar here | Elle’s Fur Vest: Melijoe | Blanket: Iconic Hudson Bay (on sale!)

Our hearts and bellys are full after celebrating one of my most favourite holidays of the year: Thanksgiving! And do Andrew and I EVER have a lot to thankful about! For starters, our health, a roof over our head as well as Sadie, Elle and our new baby girl that will be arriving very soon!!img_9918-2811492412-1571185155448.jpg

Honestly, I couldn’t ask for anything more! I thank God every day for all the blessings in our lives. I have alway felt the importance of living with an attitude of gratitude and not just at Thanksgiving, but every single day. Sure, I have bad days and it can be easy at times to focus on the negative or what is going wrong. Focusing on the positive takes practice. It does not come natural to most people, but I promise we ALL have the ability to do it and we ALL have things to be thankful about.


Just simply waking up alive with breath in our lungs is a HUGE blessing. You can always find people who have more than you, but you may also have things they don’t have. The purpose of saying that isn’t to encourage you to compare, but to help you see that we all live different lives with different challenges and blessings. Focus on YOUR blessings – stop comparing yourself to others and be thankful for what YOU have.


I promise if you live with that attitude – life will feel so grand and amazing even in the smallest of moments. You will still have bad days, but you won’t be so inclined to focus on the negative and miss the good and mazing things right in front of you.

For me, that is my family. I am so truly thankful for each and every one of them, immediate and extended, including my niece Ireland (who took this beautiful photos). It’s so nice to have her close by this year, as she attends University here in Fredericton. Most of my family (aside from Andrew and Elle and Sadie) live far away and she and I have always been close and enjoy so many of the same things. So having her here is just ONE thing of many I’m thankful about!img_9919.jpg


I am thankful for a beautiful, smart, loving and caring daughter that keeps us so entertained! Also a dog that is like a child to us and pours so much love and affection int our our lives. Elle and Sadie truly make Andrew and I better people and they have been a blessing in more ways than I can count. I am also so thankful for the ability to give Elle a little sister. We are so thankful for this babies health and God’s protection over me and her through out this entire pregnancy. I thank God my niece Anna will be joining us for Thanksgiving too! I’m thankful for the beautiful autumn leaves and all the loveliness that accompanies the season.img_9915-3642918017-1571184948372.jpg

What are you thankful for!? I would love to hear from you – so comment below! Hope you all had a the best most relaxing holiday weekend! Happy Canadian Thanksgiving from our family to yours!


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