A Morning Ritual I can’t live without

Tablet Form Phytoplankton: Karen Phytoplankton (These are on sale!) | Powder Form Phytoplankton: Karen Phytoplankton (this is what I use)

A morning ritual I have become very reliant on is taking a supplement, before I even eat my breakfast. The supplement is called Phytoplankton. I use a brand that is produced in my home province, New Brunswick, Canada, called Karen Phytoplankton. It has become a leader in the phytoplankton world and I can see why.

I started taking Marine phytoplankton, by Karen about 4 years ago. Upon taking it, I almost immediately noticed more energy and nemtal clarity. I felt more organized and motivated and also was craving less carbs and more greens!


I stopped taking it when I became pregnant with Elle, as I wasn’t sure it was safe during pregnancy. Since then, they must have done some studies, because they now state it’s safe to take during pregnancy. That said, I had begun taking it again about a month before I found I was pregnant with Ivy and continued on throughout my pregnancy with her.

I noticed I had pretty good energy thoughtout my pregnancy, but was slightly more tired than I was with Elle, however, I also had another child to care for this time. I believe it helped me through the fourth trimester too! That is when I really experienced sleep deprivation and exhaustion with Elle. I was pretty tired with Ivy and made sure I had more assistance, but I do think Phytoplankton helped as well. I notice when I don’t take if for a couple consecutive days, I feel extremely exhausted. So I try not to miss a dose!


I also noted when I would take it in the morning before jumping on the treadmill for a run, I vernally feel as though I have more energy to burn, as oppose to not taking it and feeling as though I am really trying to push myself through to the end.

Research suggests that phytoplankton is great for a host of things. I am always recommending it to people, because it worked so well for me. I recently got my oldest sister on to it. Since having her thyroid removed many years ago, she has not been able to taste or smell much (not fun at all!). She said after taking the Karen Phytoplankton for a week, she has slowly begun to smell and taste her food again! She also noted a major improvement tin her mental clarity and energy levels like me. Andrew didn’t take it consistently for long (that’s his MO), but when he was taking the tablets he said he found he had more energy.


Karen Phytoplankton is an ancient seed of Phytoplankton that grown on land in filtered ocean water in an enclosed environment. Phytoplankton is the genesis of life and food in the ocean. They are the foundation of all nutrition in the ocean and their nutritional properties sustain whales who live over 100 years old. Phytoplankton are also the planet’s #1 oxygen producer.


  • To be used for the Maintenance Of Good Health
  • A source of the antioxidant Zeaxanthin
  • Naturally contains Beta-Carotene

Benefits of Phytoplankton:

  • Decrease in Depression
  • Boosts Energy Naturally
  • Detoxifies Body
  • Supports Liver
  • Support for Cellular Regeneration
  • Pain Relief from Inflammation
  • Immune System Support
  • Anti-Cancer Properites
  • Improves Heart Health

I have linked both the pill form and powder form above. I personally like the powder form because I find it easier to take (you only need to once day) and I think it moves into blood stream faster, but it’s all personal preference. If you have tried it and loved it, please comment below. Also, if yo have any questions I haven’t answered, feel free to drop a question in the comment section.



I would also like to disclose, that I am in no way involved with the company and have not been sponsored to do this post. I just really have seen a difference since using phytoplankton and wanted to share my review. I am in no way suggesting this should substitute any of your medications with this and as always, recommend you consult with your family doctor before taking, especially if you are on medication. 

Thanks for reading!


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