Merry Christmas, Happy New Year it’s been a while…

Elle & Ivy’s dresses: Beaufort Bonnet Company | Elle’s Shoes: Black Lace Up Boots | My Shoes: Christian Louboutin | My Leggings: Commando  Plaid Pillows: Tj Max | Houndstooth Cardigan: RW & Co (not available online but maybe check store) but similar  here | Monogramed Stockings: From Neiman Marcus, but similar here by Pottery Barn

I appologize that it’s been a couple months since I last posted. I promised myself, with this baby, I would take time off from all my projects to heal and get to know our new bundle. With Elle, I was naive to how demanding motherhood could be those first few months (especially when exclusively breastfeeding). Since I am basically self-employed, I figured I could create my own schedule and work while she slept. However, Elle NEVER slept – haha. At least for the first 3 months. I was also exclusively breastfeeding (every 2 hours) and had multiple event projects, as well as other work demands on the go. It was very, very trying….


AC2C99FB-CF0A-45AD-AE05-C63E91D6DA40That said, this time around, I learned that those first 3 months off are crucial for mom. So I did it different this time and I’m so glad I did, because I am still exhausted – haha! Totally worth it though and I have SO much to share with you all, including Ivy’s birth story, our first getaway with her and lots of exciting things inbetween. Also, I am sure that things are only going to get more fun and interesting as she grows and I can’t wait to continue to share that journey with you!



F228AC0F-23D2-4A87-A094-A220A9586FE7Until then, hope you enjoy these pictures of our first Christmas together as a family of five! My mom got Elle & Ivy these matching dresses as part of their Christmas gifts. She had them monogrammed IDL & IDR (Ivy London Dawson & Isabella Rose Dawson). I love that the monogram is so subtle it looks like a simple design. I thought it was such a sweet idea to get pictures with them for their first Christmas as sisters. They are actually on sale now too! Perfect for a Valentine dress option or photos as well!



Speaking of photos! My goodness, I thought it was difficult trying to get Elle & Sadie to look at the camera. Try throwing a newborn into the mix. I honestly start to sweat when I think of how difficult it was to capture these haha, but so glad we pushed through. I am a visual person and I have always enjoyed taking pictures. I love having the memory to look back on. I am sure we will laugh when we look back at these and remember how we were trying to be the picture perfect family, while our two year old took a tantrum, our newborn cried and our dog kept running off – haha!


Hope you all had a beautiful holiday season and look forward to sharing many more memories with you! Thanks so much for following along!



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