Stay at Home Hair Care

Hair Treatment: Olaplex| Shampoo: Caviar | Conditioner: Caviar | Hair Masque: Keihl’s | Heat Protector: Caviar | Hair Tools: I typically use the Dyson Wand to dry and style hair. If I am going out, sometimes I will use a hot iron as well to refine my curls and I will use this spray when I do that (it smells amazing and holds curl naturally well). I use a texture spray and taffy by MONATto finish my hair (you can message me about these if you want more info). 

I haven’t had my hair cut or coloured since November! I was supposed to go a few times and had to reschedule because being a mom to two littles (and breastfeeding) it isn’t always easy to get out of the house for several hours at a time.

Finally, I was looking forward to going to my appointment and my stylist had to cancel because all non-essential businesses had to close due to covid-19.

So to keep my locks looking fresh (as I can), I have been using a treatment every few days! I put it in my hair and get in my sauna, to allow the heat to penetrate it more quickly, however, you could use a hot towel or leave it in overnight!

I’ve linked some of the products I love – they have been helping me out big time during these unique times of self-isolation!




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