Happy Easter (In Lockdown)

 Andrew’s Sweater: Perigrine  | Andrew’s Boots: Helm | My Faux Suede Leggings: Wilfred (no longer available) similar here | My Sweater: Free People | My Shoes: Valentino Rockstud

We had the best Easter weekend, even tho it was in lockdown, haha!

This was Ivy’s first Easter and our first Easter in our home as a family. We used to spend Easter weekends travelling when Andrew and I had no children. Then after Elle, we had an Easter at both my mom’s and his mom’s house, so this is our first year making memories in our own home as a family. It would have turned out that way anyway with everything happening!


We let Elle sleep in our bedroom Easter eve, since it was a special occasion. I actually had to remind her it was Easter morning when she woke up! She found an egg on the way down the stairs and started hunting for eggs right away, which was her favourite part of the day! She just loved the game of finding them so much, I had to recycle her eggs when she wasn’t looking and hide in new places, haha.





She and Ivy opened their gifts and we watched church on TV after easter brunch. After Elle played for a bit more and FaceTimed family, we all took a much needed nap!



When Elle woke up for a nap and we saw how content she was with her day, so we gave her one last surprise, a bouncy tent. We actually bought this for Christmas, but felt she had too much so held off until Easter. It worked out great that way! She was so happy with it! She was doing bum drops on it all afternoon, she misses gymnastics so much! This will be a great addition to the yard, considering it looks like we won’t be moving too far for quite some time due to the ongoing pandemic.


Later, I took Sadie for her daily walk, it was the most beautiful day! I just basqued in the beauty surrounding us. The sun shining and birds chirping. I am a huge nature lover. I feel so conennected and blessed when I’m surrounded my God’s creation.



When I got home, everyone got bathed and had Easter supper. We had cabbage, ham and whipped potatoes! An Easter supper tradition for my family and I think Andrew’s too.




After we cleaned up from supper, we were pretty tired, but managed to get two of our Netflix shows in after the kids went to bed! We are watching Blacklist! We really like it, but are on season 5 of 7! Anyone have any recommendations for another good series after we finish this one!? If so, please leave in comments! (We like shows with a mysterious element.)




Both babes slept so well last night for the first night in a LONG time. Elle Rose said it was the best Easter ever, so that is more then good enough for us!

We hope you had a wonderful and relaxing weekend with your families! Would love to hear about it or some of your Easter traditions! Share in the comments! Have the best week!


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