My Quarantine Birthday

Earrings: Nordstrom (These earrings come in various sizes and they are they are the realest looking I have found)Watch: Tag Heuer (have had this watch for 10 years, worth the money) |Lip Gloss: Buxom (this is one of my staples – love it) |Gallery Wall Frames: Metalic Brushed Silver |Louis Vuitton Trunk: Vintage, similar one here | Coffee Table Book:|Nursing Bra: Ingrid & Isabel(the best) | Belt: Gucci | Blush Fleece Slippers: Halluci | Jeans:AG | Oversized Cardigan: C/O Pink Blush

Happy Monday, Everyone!

It was around this time last week I was celebrating my birthday in quarantine. Like many of you, this was a first for me. TBH though, it really wasn’t that different from the last few years. I am really not one for birthday parties (for my own celebrations – love throwing them for others!). It’s funny how we change with time. When I was younger, I loved to gather all my friends and celebrate, but with many of my dearest friends and family being spread out all over the world and just getting older and evolving, I have come to enjoy the simplicity of just relaxing with my own little wolf pack at home on my special day.



8e2bc6c9-0811-459a-acda-27e227d644fc-1That said, I do love to travel. So in lieu of a big party, we usually would use that money toward an extended weekend holiday, where we get to explore, eat, shop and spa. You know, all those relaxing and fun things you do on vacation. The gift of quality time – that is my favourite gift.


That is what I missed this year. The excitement of travel. However, I really didn’t mind at all. I had the best birthday despite all these Covid-19 restrictions.  I know this is just a season and above all,  I am SO grateful for all the blessings that surround me; my husband/best friend, our health, our beautiful healthy children Elle & Ivy and of course, Sadie dog. Also, the most amazing mother, siblings, extended family and friends (near and far) that a girl could ask for, and all the love and goodness that surrounds us through these very special individuals.



So, my birthday really wasn’t that different this year. In fact, the biggest and brightest difference from other years, is that we had a new family member to celebrate with us. Ivy London and Elle Rose made my birthday so beautiful and special just with their presence. Elle was literally more excited than me! It was so genuine, sincere and just sweet and childlike. Her joy is contagious and she made me feel like a kid again.



One of my favourite parts of my birthday at home is usually the dinner, because, well, I love food – haha. Plus Andrew will usually ask me what I want him to cook me for supper. It’s the one meal at home I get exactly what I want (without having to cook it myself). Also, for those that don’t know Andrew, he is a REALLY good cook (fun fact: he actually almost became a Chef instead of a Lawyer). For my special dinner, I chose steak and truffled mashed potatoes with asparagus. We had a beautiful and delicious cake, made by a local (if you live around here and want her info, send me a note). My MO is attention to detail. As an event manager I really like to use the details to bring an event to life. So a Louis Vuitton themed cake was a really nice and special touch for me. Made me feel extra in a  happy way. img_1113-1


Another thing that is simple, but makes my day feel special is hearing from all my friends and family near and far. I love reading all the heartfelt messages via text, social media and phone calls with loved ones. It’s so easy to bless someone. You don’t have to buy them a big expensive gift, just an encouraging word can mean the world. And the kindness showed toward me in word and in deed always exceeds my expectations and I’m so grateful for all that took the time to reach out.



Lastly, this year I did something I have never done before. I linked my birthday celebration with a fundraiser on Facebook. I have felt a burden for the kids that receive help from food banks during school via lunch programs. For some kids, this is the only the only consistent meal they may have and with school cancelled I couldn’t help but think about all these children that would be going without this amazing program. That said, I know within my city, the local charity that champions this program, Fredericton Community Kitchens,  had created a new way to ensure the children and their families have what they need via a weekly delivery service. So, I linked up to help and I was so excited to supass  it with the help of so many generous folks from all over the country. It mean so much to those that donated to this amazing cause to help me celebrate. I am so thankful for their support as I am sure the kids on the receiving end will be as well.


So, this was my birthday in quarantine. It was different in some ways, but no less special at all and one to remember for sure. Did you spend your birthday in quarantine this year!? If so, what did you do to make it special. What was your favourite thing and was there anything you missed form previous years or rituals that you were unable to partake in due to the social distancing and travel restrictions?

I hope you all have an incredibly blessed week and if you have any topics you would like to read more about on here, albeit beauty, fashion, food or faith, please comment below! Until next time, thanks for reading and stay well!


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