Ivy London’s Dedication

My Dress: Molly Bracken (**gifted) | My Shoes: Chanel (they are another season, so currently not available, but found exact ones gently used here, these are also very similar, great quality, for fraction of the price | Purse: Karl Lagerfeld (no longer available), but I LOVE this YSL as a similar option and this is a very affordable version | Ivy’s Dress & Bonnet: Amazon Fashion (this was such a great price for the quality!) |Ivy’s Shoes: Amazon Fashion (so cute)| Elle’s Dress: Rachel Zoe, Local Winners | Elle’s Shoes: Local Marshall’s

For those that know me (whether personally or virtually), you have probably noticed by now, how significant my faith is to me. Today I’m sharing a very special day – one that means so much to both Andrew and I.

Sunday, July 19th, 2020 we dedicated our sweet Ivy London at our church, Hope City in Fredericton. I was really worried we wouldn’t get the opportunity to do so while Ivy was still a baby, because of the Covid Crisis. Thankfully, we live in a province that the virus was somewhat contained and as things begun opening up and churches began to gather again (while still maintaining appropriate protocols, of course), we were elated to receive an invitation to move forward with this very important step in our faith, as parents. 

As most parents or caregivers can attest, having a tiny person that you’re responsible for can be overwhelming. When you love someone so much, you want the best for them. As a mom, I want to do my best to model a life that will help provide a solid and sound foundation to set our girls up for success. To me, the only reassurance I found in ensuring I could give my kids the tools to live their best life was to give them the gift of knowing Jesus.

There are so many things I can appreciate and say thank you to my parents for, however, the thing that stands out the most is a something that touches every single element in my life. Something that continues to serve me well and will continue until the day I die. That is the gift of my faith. Through the seeds my parents (and others) planted in my life and the prayers they prayed, I feel so protected and blessed. So, for that reason, I feel the best possible action I can take for my girls, is to replicate that amazing example. 

This is why the dedication was such an important step to Andrew and I as parents. On this day, we stood united in acknowledging that we will do our best, bringing our kids up in a Godly home, teaching them about Jesus and planting positive seeds in their life.  It’s amazing seeing people you love grow in their faith and I’m so excited to see what is store for our children. 

I see Elle’s faith life already coming to fruition. I pray that her relationship with her heavenly father only grows deeper, as she grows in years. Writing this actually brings me back to the day we dedicated Elle. Both girls had very beautiful and unique dedications. The first blog post I had every written on La Bella Vita was actually about Elle’s dedication (you can read it here). 

Now, before I sign off, can we please take a moment to appreciate the Molly Bracken dress I am wearing (gifted**). I had originally ordered a floral dress to wear, but it didn’t arrive on time, however, this dress arrived and it was even more perfect. This is the first time I had heard of this french label and I will definitely be picking up other pieces in the future. The quality and fit is top notch and I had so many compliments on the colour!

Also, Ivy’s dress was a last minute Amazon purchase and it was so perfect! I was so impressed by the quality for the price (Under $50).

I hope you have an amazing week. I pray that Gods favour would cover you everywhere you go! No matter what you are facing today, remember, you can do all things with Christ, (Philippians 4:13), because he gives you what you need. You just need to ask (Matthew 7:7).

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