A New Family Tradition

 Picnic Basket: The Beach People | My Dress: H&M | My Shoes: Steve Madden (no longer available, but similar here & here | My Purse:  Clare V | Sunglasses:  Chlo√® | Elle’s Dress: Gap Kids |  Ivy’s Romper: Similar here | Ivy’s Headband: Bon Knit New York

Oh sweet, sweet summer, how we will miss you. I realize it’s not over yet, but the days have gone so quickly. Even though my kids are not even in kindergarten or daycare, I feel like when school goes back, summer is officially ended. Everyone is in a different state of mind and as much as I love fall, I can’t help feeling summer always goes too quickly. So, I am doing my best to hold on to the remaining weeks and just be present and enjoy every second.

To me, picnics and summer go hand-in-hand. We had only a few this summer. One at the beach and a couple in our yard, but this day captured was what I had been dreaming about for the last couple months. Also. I have to mention that this picnic basket we picked up this summer has been amazing. I love that it keeps everything cool, fits a really good amount and also that the top can be used as a little table. Super functional and just so darling.

I love this area of our downtown. It’s by the river, next to the walking bridge. It’s beautiful in all seasons, but it was the idea of sitting under this giant weeping willow tree that got me. A picnic under this tree with my family in tote is what summers are made of in my mind.

I’ve always loved weeping willows. They are so beautiful and enchanting. They are perfect to block the sun from the kids and Sadie dog too! So this was our first time venturing to this beautiful spot and it definitely won’t be our last. In fact, we plan to make it a summer tradition and have at least one family picnic here every year. It will be our spot and I love that idea…

Making memories is one of my favourite things to do. I love to capture them with photos and videos to look back on, because I find the moments pass so quickly and it’s just so nice to look at an image and remember exactly how I felt at that time. Our kids are still very small and yet I feel they are growing so quick. Someday, all I will have are the memories in my heart and the pictures to remember.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer to the fullest. What is something you do as family tradition or ritual every year? Do you have a special beach or place you holiday? Maybe you have a family picnic like this? Would love to hear from you! comment below and let me know!


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