Elle Rose turns Three!

Wow, a three-nager already! Elle Rose, the last three years with you have been my best years yet. You have brought our entire family so much joy and laughter. I thank God everyday for entrusting us to be your parents.

Although you don’t read these messages (yet), mommy saves them all, so you can read them when you get older. If you’re like me (and in many ways you are) these little notes will mean the world to you someday and you will read and read-read long after I’m gone and hopefully hear my voice and relive all the precious memories when you do.

We are beyond proud of the beautiful, kind, fun, thoughtful, creative, strong-willed, charming and smart little girl you’re growing into! I love how wise you are for your age. Often times you teach mommy and daddy as much or more than we teach you.

You are precious beyond words. One of the best feelings is seeing the world thru your eyes. Thank you for always showing gratitude for everything, big and small, albeit an afternoon activity or a new toy – your ability to acknowledge and communicate these feelings actually blows me away and warms my heart.

You are everything and more than I ever could have imagined. That’s how our God works. He always exceeds expectations and you, my dear, are his perfect creation. Never forget, He has a wonderful plan for your life. Keep shining your light so bright and don’t ever let the worries of the world dim it. You are so, so special and made for a profound purpose.

Thank you for being the best big sister! I worried how you would handle your new role, going from only child to sharing everything (including your mom and dad). Your love for Ivy is evident. I adore how attentive you are to her – you take such good care of her. It’s the sweetest. You’re such a little mom and the best helper!

I also love watching how kind you are to your friends. You play so well with anyone and everyone (even by yourself, which is so important too!). Your imagination is absolutely the best. You always find ways to have fun and one of my simplest joys is watching and listening to you play. Whether it’s your toys or just some random suff you find (like Ivy’s lotions), you can turn anything into a fun game. It’s incredible!

You are a bit of a jokster like your dad. A planner like your mom. The level of your negotiating skills at the age three amaze me – you really have a way of getting us to see angles we might not have even thought of to get what you want! It’s actually amazing-haha. You always make everyone laugh – always! You don’t give in easy and like to call our bluffs. I love how you see beauty in everything. Your love for animals and your appreciation for nature is a beautiful reflection of your soul.

Possibly my favourite thing ever are your random hugs and I love yous – they mean more than you will ever know. You’re basically the perfect child (of course I’m biased). I’m so proud to be your mamma! You are just a dream come true.

Today we celebrate you and all you are and all that you will be! May God continue to bless you, keep his hand on your life, make his face to shine upon you. Love you to the heavens and back X infinity, Isabella Rose. Happy third birthday! I hope it’s all you imagined!

Always and forever, your mamma,

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