Classic Mommy & Me

My Dress: Molly Bracken (gifted) | Elle’s Dress: Mini Molly (gifted) | My Shoes: Valentino Rockstud | Elle’s Shoes: Rockstud Dupes (I didn’t get mine here, but they look the same!) Striped Rug: Amazon | Elle’s Chanel Book: Indigo Chapters | My Purse: Gucci, no longer available, but similar vibe with this vintage Chanel (such a good price too) | Elle’s Doll: Jolie Albetta Doll (they make the sweetest dolls)

Elle Rose went from being an only child to oldest child (not including her fur sister, Sadie, of course), fairly quickly and she has transitioned so beautifully. I mean, kids tend to adapt well and she is still so young (just turned three). However, I do believe a lot of it has to do with her personality. . She really is such a dynamic little girl and I’m so proud to be her mama. She is so nurturing and so wise. I can’t even believe the things she can comprehend

She has such a great self-awareness. You can see her wheels turning when you’re talking to her about things. She really tries to grasp it and if she doesn’t she asks a hundred questions until she does indeed grasp it. Sometimes I forget I’m talking to a three year old and can expect more from her than I should. I have to remind myself that I barely remember being three.

That said, I do try to carve out time for just her and I to have quality time, at least once a week when permitted. I usually like to ask her what she wants to do. Then we usually like to go to brunch. We tried a few places until we found our favourite (well mostly her favourite). It’s our secret spot. I will do the same with Ivy once she is old enough to understand – but will make it unique and special to her.

Elle and I did this mommy and me shoot toward the end of summer, just shy of her third birthday, but just getting to share them now. Loved this mini me look we created. I feel it really captures our relationship and personalities. These dresses were so perfect. They are total classics and such amazing quality. I know we will wear them for years to come. Big thank you to Molly Bracken for sending them. If you haven’t heard of Molly Bracken, it’s a french label and they carry girls and women’s clothing. The quality is top notch and you can find their products at the Hudson Bay. I’ve linked them above as well as other details of our looks. (**Style Tip-did swap out the cloth belt that came with the dress and added my own patent one for a more structured look and to tie in with my shoes, I do this a lot with dresses).

What do you do with your children to make them feel special individually. Please share below. I would love to hear more ideas, rituals, traditions, etc. Thanks for reading. Have a great day!

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