Review: Evereden Baby Face Cream

Baby Face Cream: Evereden |Ivy’s Cashmere leggings: Mi Loves | Ivy’s Cashmere Sweater: Mi Loves
| Throw Blanket: Greyleigh | Bunny: Bunnie’s By the Bay (on sale!)

I was recently gifted a beautiful baby face cream for Ivy. Before I shared with you all, I wanted to use it on her for a few weeks so I could give an honest and accurate review. First a little about the brand. Evereden was created by mom’s in medicine (mainly dermotologists). Their Tagline reads: Baby necessities formulated with natural ingredients for skin. From newborn dry skin to baby eczema—and everything facing your little one in between. Nourishing, nurturing, and always safe for skin.

Immediately, was impressed with their minimalistic packaging. The cream is in what looks like a jar, but when you remove the cover, it’s like a pump that pushes the perfect amount of product on our hand. My hands feel so silky soft after applying to Ivy’s face It is nice and light weight, like a lotion, but rich and nourishing like a heavier cream. It absorbs very quickly and it makes Ivy’s face feel silky soft.

As some of you know, Ivy was born with baby eczema. She is 10 months old and her skin has improved immensely over the last month or so, but we have been battling this since birth. Up until recently, I would have to put a lightly medicated cream on trouble areas once or twice a day, as well as some lotion several times a day. She can’t use anything with a fragrance.

For her face, we typically would use vaseline (which I still do as a barrier cream around her mouth. However, this Ever Eden cream quickly became a staple in her morning and bedtime routine. I find it easy to apply on the face in a way that doesn’t bother her. I am very pleased with the product and plan to order more. I would definitely recommend this to other moms and would personally like to try some of their other baby products as well. They also have a line for moms, which includes oil for your pregnant belly. I’ve linked the cream above.

Thanks for reading. Wishing y’all the best day.

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