How to Personalize a One & Done Number

Jumpsuit: Zara (on sale!) | Shoes: Sam Edelman | Purse: Chanel | Belt: Gucci | Earrings: Nordstrom (these are such a great diamond look) | Watch: Tag Heuer

One and done pieces are so great to have as a go-to. I often shop for these trendier styles at places like Zara & H&M, as they more affordable. However, that said, I feel like it is so much more possible you will run into someone with the same outfit, since these stores cater to the masses. So for me, it’s imperative to take the extra time to personalize these pieces to make them our own. Simply because I really don’t like looking the same as everyone else.

This is where understanding your personal style comes into the equation. It is so vital to know what you like and what works for you. This is what gives you the confidence, helps you stand out and makes shopping so much easier. It is a way you demonstrate your personal brand, so to speak. ( you can learn more about this by connecting with me via Requisite Consulting).

That said, personal style aside, focusing on accessories is really the key to making a one and done ensemble your own. Here are three easy ways to use accessories to create a unique look when sporting a cookie-cutter piece like this jump-suit I’m wearing:

1.) Switch out the belt that came with the piece for your own!

This is a big one! It’s one of my signature strategies of creating a look that’s more in line with my own personal taste. I often find the belts that come with ensembles such as this are not the greatest quality, so by switching it out to my own, I not only add my now personal touch, but I also elevate the quality of the piece. I tend to choose a belt that matches my shoes, because I’m a bit matchy matchy that way. However, if you’re look is more eclectic or quirky you can mix it up to suit the vibe you’re going for…

2.) Jewlrey:

Choose pieces that speak to you. Whether its a pair of statement earrings or a classic pair of studs you wear everyday, consider what makes you feel good. I personally tend to be pretty classic with my jewelry. I tend to wear my diamond studs with most of my outfits, however, i do like a good statement piece. It really depends on the mood I’m going for and what the silhouette, colour scheme and other accessories I’m wearing. For this piece, I stayed modest with my jewelry and stuck with my classic everyday pieces, as I felt the shoulders were already a major statement piece and by adding the Gucci belt I didn’t want to compete with those two elements. My personal style tends to lean toward less is more.

3) Shoes

Shoes can make or break an outfit. A good pair of statement heals are definitely a way to make a look more unique, however, you can also perosanalize by choosing a classic simple pair of pumps, like I did with these stack heel strappy staples. I chose these because I wanted to downplay, as again, I felt the shoulders and gucci belt were loud enough. I also love the stack heel on these because they balance out the shoulders and also are great for a dressy option when I’m heading to dinner with the kids in tote.

What do you do to make pieces like this jumpsuit your own?! Share your tips below. I would love to hear your ideas!

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