The CEO of your Wardrobe

Blazer: Zara | Pants: Frame Denim | Shoes: Christian Louboutin | Purse: Chanel Watch: Tag

When working with professionals on polishing their image or wardrobe, I always like to place special emphasis on the jacket. Essentially it is one of the most important pieces in establishing gravagta when it comes to first impressions. So I like to call it the CEO of your wardrobe.

A sharp blazer really elevates a look and lends you credibility. It can not just be any jacket, though. You want to ensure the fit is good as well as ensuring the colour and style really exemplify your personalty and the image you’re trying to project. (if you’re a politician, you’re not going to be be trying to project the same image as a Ad Director).

This rule doesn’t just apply to professionals, however. A good jacket can really make a lasting impression for anyone. It’s usually the first and last thing someone will see when you enter a room. So if you’re trying to make a memorable first impression (or just a good impression in general), take some time to choose a jacket that you feel good in, because when you’re confident, it shows (and vice versa).

Unless you’re headed to a very formal occasion or a press conference, I say, let your personal style shine. Choose something that lets you stand out from the crowd. If you’re bold, be bold in a eye catching hue. Just try to choose a shade that will compliment your and your skin tone, because wearing colour that flatter you not only make you feel better, but they make you look younger too!

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I have linked all the outfit details above. Have a great weekend and thanks for reading!?

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