Happy 1st Birthday Ivy London

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Ivy entered into ONEderland last weekend. We were able to celebrate on her actual birthday, Sunday, November 8th. The covid rules where we are blessed to live allowed us to have a small gathering of close friends and family. We held it at our restaurant, in the cafe space, which allowed us an intimate and private space to celebrate our little darling dear.

We stuck to a natural theme. I had toyed around with some theme ideas. We initially were going to do a Winter ONEderland theme, because in our mind we thought there would be snow (since we had our first snowfall last year on the day she was born), however, we realized it might not go that way (our weather is so unpredictable) so we took the winter out and decided on Ivy’s ONEderland.

We felt like Ivy’s Wonderland would consist of natural beauty, since she adores animals and our walks in nature. So we opted for pretty deer, for our darling dear and Ivy greens as a common thread. We had her cake stand on a sliced word slab and Gold and white were our colours.

Unfortunately, the banner I had custom made for her, that said Ivy’s ONEderland, was returned to sender(Brittish Columbia) for some reason (this has been happening with my Canada post parcels – anyone else having this issue!?) and we didn’t get it in time for the birthday. It was a bummer, as you always want things to be perfect for your littles (even tho they don’t even know what’s happening haha), but in all honesty, it was far from the heart. So we continued on with our natural vibe theme and had a wonderful celebration.

I honestly cannot believe where this year has gone. I did my best to be present, but it honestly feels like a blur. Even those long days of quarantine flew by so very fast. I knew I would long for them again someday, I just did’t realize it would be this soon! I love the incredible vivacious personality our girl is growing into, but I really do miss those newborn snuggles. Perhaps we need one more?! (I think all moms contemplate this at the one year mark – am i right?!).

From the moment I thought I was pregnant with Ivy London, my faith has been tested and strengthened. There were many bumps along the way, but through it all, God always reminded me of that first day when the pregnancy test showed an “error” sign, which then turned to a “pregnant” sign after some prayer and leaving it His hands, that he is always in control and when we place things in His very capable hands and trust him, he can do anything. Growing up, in the faith, as a preachers kid, I have read the scripture Luke 1:37 Nothing is impossible with God so many times. However, I have never seen it come to life in such a way as I have these past few years.

The hebrew define of Ivy is “gift from God.” She truly is that. All babies are gifts from God and amazing miracles, but Ivy has pushed me to step out onto the waters with my faith in a ways I had not expected and at times it was scary, but wow, did God ever show me how big he is through it all. For that, I will always be grateful. With out even knowing it, yet, Ivy truly exemplifies God’s goodness, grace and favour. She is a fighter and it shows in every ounce of her being. Anyone who has met her, can confirm she’s no shrinking violet and she has no problem telling you how she feels, in her own way – haha. We love her honest and bright spirit.

Children truly are a gift from above. They teach us so much. Elle taught me to be a mamma and Ivy has taught me to trust God on a different level, but both girls have strengthened my relationship with our creator. There is something so deeply profound that changes when you have children. You shake off selfishness, because it’s no longer just about you. The idea of being responible for another human being that you love so deeply and intensely, can be frightening, especially in the world we are living in now. It’s simply not the same world we grew up in – is it? But my faith tells me to stay focused on Him, the one true God, for he has overcome the world (john 16:33).

With that said, to my dearest Ivy London, we love you so much. You have brought us so much joy, from the moment we found out we were expect you, mama knew you were going to be a girl and that we would call you Ivy London. We love watching your big sister Elle love on you. We adore your heart for animals and your bond with Sadie dog. You continue to surprise us and put our faith to the test and as we grow wiser we are able to be better parents and examples to both you and your sister. We love how you continue to challenge yourself and watch when you find things to easy, you try to make it a bit more tough (your sister Elle did this too!).

If anything, mama and dada always want you to know that you are a gift from God. He has an amazing purpose and plan for your life and no weapon formed against you shall ever prosper, because you are a child of God. We pray his hand of protection on you and your sister all the days of your beautiful lives. That he will keep you and bless you and make his face to shine upon you. Happy 1st Birthday, my little butterfly. I can’t wait to watch you grow and celebrate many, many more milestones in the years to come. You are so special and so loved, always and forever,

Your mama

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