Boxing Day; Boring Day

Elle & Ivy’s Sweaters: Gap Kids | Ivy’s Booties: Donsje |Christmas Tree: Canadian Tire, but similar here | Dolly: Albetta | Table & Chairs: Pottery Barn | Rocking Horse: Pottery Barn | Area Rug: Pottery Barn | Eiffel Tower Ornaments: Walmart

Having a lazy Boxing Day with these cuties! We always called it boring day as kids, because everything was closed and Christmas was over.

I am not going to lie, I am feeling a bit tired after all the hustle & the bustle this year. So I am thankful for a “boring day.” This has been an extremely busy few months and now that I can stop and catch my breath, I think it’s all starting to hit me!

Most of you don’t know, that just four weeks ago I underwent a major surgery. I will share more about this in the new year, when I’m ready. All is well, tho, so no need to worry (thank God)!

That said, although I’m doing amazing, I am realizing, I tend to push myself and am supposed to just be taking it easy for 6-8 weeks. 

I feel this is typical woman behaviour. We put so much pressure to do it all. On top of that I have major FOMO (fear of missing out for those that don’t know). I like to soak up every experience to the fullest.

One thing I’ve learned over these last few months is that less is more. Sitting and relaxing or just hanging out with your family is often times more wonderful than being super busy & trying to do it all.

So moms, don’t feel guilty about taking a break, leaving the mess or simply saying no sometimes. Listen to that still small voice and relax. Life is too short – don’t sweat the small things.

(side note, Elle & Ivy’s sweet sweaters are on sale! Link in bio) Xx

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