When do you take Christmas down?

The other day I did a poll on whether or not you leave your Christmas decorations up for the New year & 70% of you said yes!

We usually leave ours up until Old Christmas, mainly because we always go away on vacation to celebrate New Years, so by the time we get back & settled, it just works out that way.

This year, for the first year in over a decade, we are spending New Years home (but dining at our restaurant as a family, which will be fun). That said, I wasn’t sure whether to leave them up or take them down. Andrew wanted them to stay up, but I was thinking it’s kinda sad looking at all this stuff when Christmas feels over.

So, we decided to take down all the christmasy decor, except our trees & garland. I feel much more at peace with this, haha, because it still feels wintery & festive, but will be less overwhelming dismantling when the time comes.

What do you typically do? Leave them up for New Years, Old Christmas or take them down Boxing Day? Is this year different than previous? Comment below if you haven’t already.

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