Could this be my pivot?

Leopard coat: Mango (no longer available) Similar here & love this one too!| Under Coat: Wasted Fashion (no longer available) similar here & less expansive here |

We are going back to orange phase tomorrow (yay!), but I am hanging onto my hope that we can go back to yellow soon! Yellow is so much better for businesses, also, I miss church in person!!

What are ya’ll missing these days!?

I am missing a lot, especially travel and seeing family more often. During this season, I have also discovered something I don’t miss!

You may not know this, but I actually didn’t take a maternity leave with Elle. Being a new mom, I had no clue what it would be like going from none to one (and it was hard!!). So I had to fulfill all my contract obligations with my clients, while breastfeeding and taking care of a newborn, with no outside help aside from Andrew.

This prepared me and my expectations for my second pregnancy. Although I did continue blogging and such, as this is such an incredible outlet for me, that I enjoy immensely (actually launched La Bella Vita blog a few months after I had Elle!). I took an official maternity leave from my duties at Requisite Consulting & our restaurant.

Then, just a couple months later, covid happened. Events as we knew them were history. I am not going to lie, I miss going to events, but I don’t really miss planning them. After 20+ years of managing events in some capacity, I am okay not doing it right now. Maybe God is re-directing me? Is this my pivot? Time will tell…

That said, I do still offer image consulting service’s, virtually! You can check out my services @requisiteconsulting

Feeling for all the small businesses during this season. This time of year is usually quiet enough, for most, then add the covid crisis, all the new protocols that limit your capacity and then add red or orange phase to the mix.

For our restaurant, we decided to keep our staff safe and use this time to do some kitchen Reno’s, while we wait for these critical phases to pass. As more of a casual fine dining restaurant, takeout out isn’t and has never been something we are known for, but we do hope to be back in full swing by Valentines! So here’s to hoping we hit yellow again sooner than later!

Do you own a small business!? What has been your struggle or challenge during these unprecedented times!?

Praying for y’all! For you & your families safety & for your businesses to prosper!

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