Mommy & Me Puffers

Elle’s Puffer: ZARA (this colour no longer available, but a pretty sky blue is on sale!!) | My Puffer: Aritizia (my colour also sold out) | My sneakers: Frye | My socks: Aerie (these are no ordinary white socks – they are amazing and on sale!) My Joggers: Gentle Herd (cashmere, mine sold-out but I also have these & they are super comfy)

Love this maxi-puffer so much! It is SO warm. It’s made with really great quality down. It feels like I am wrapped in a duvet! It is oversized, so I had to size down to an xxs. So depending on how you like it to fit, size accordingly (size small was swimming on me, but on a taller person, it might have been okay, however I felt it fit more like a large on me).

The camel colour is what really sold me tho! I had been looking for a puffer in this colour. I just feel like camel is so chic and works with so much. I love soft neutral and camel has always been a fave classic of mine. It’s also possible Elle inspired me on a subconscious level. I picked up her coat in November and mine in January. We were getting ready to go out the door, and Elle said, mommy we are twins. I hadn’t even realized we had pretty much the same puffer in slightly different styles (hers is from Zara). So I had to snap a photo. It’s so fun dressing similar sometimes at this age. She loves it! It’s so cute that she wants to dress like me, someday she probably won’t, haha, so might as well have fun while I can! However, I secretly hope she always thinks her mom’s style is cool.

Anyway, had to share, as it’s on sale! They have a few different styles too! I will attest, it is the ultimate cozy coat, perfect for days I want to be comfortable and warm. I have it paired with cashmere joggers and an oversized sweater here, but it also looks good with jeans and could totally pull it off with the right dress too! The length really elevates it and makes it more versatile. It can be sporty, casual or dressy. I love it paired with my various pairs of sneakers or winter boots, but also looks great dressed up with dressier boot with or without a heal! It’s just a great piece for this season!

What are you living in right now!? Are you loving puffers? How do you feel about maxi-length coats?

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