We are enough

Do you ever feel like there are not enough hours in the day? Like you have not stopped, but feel further behind? That’s the kind of week it’s been for me.

I pray several times throughout the day for various reasons; to give thanks & to ask for God’s help, for big things & small things. One of my daily requests is for His wisdom & discernment when making decisions & for assistance in prioritizing my day. I want to be efficient with my time, allowing me to accomplish all my daily tasks & balancing time with my loved ones & to be present.

So, when my week comes to a close & I look back at my list & see all I accomplished, why do I choose to focus on the few things I didn’t complete? Why do I allow those things to rule my mind & cause unrest, anxiety & feelings of defeat.

I’ve been asking God for help with these feelings the last few days & felt Him telling me: Rebecca, you are enough. I am reminded I don’t need to earn His love. My value isn’t tied to what I do or don’t accomplish, it’s tied to Him & he says, I am worthy.

Learning to control every aspect of your thought life is such a challenge. I’ve been disciplined to do this in some areas of my life very well, but then there are other areas I am still weak & don’t even realize just how weak, until I start putting these thoughts to paper.

The good news is when I’m weak, He is strong. God has my entire day, week & life planned out. Even if I mess up or miss the mark, he works it together for my good.

So today, I remind myself & everyone reading this, that negative self-talk is not from God. He is good. His words uplift. He is cheering us on & when we feel like we failed or we become weary, he is there to pick us up. He has a good plan for our lives.

The enemy of our soul, on the other hand, comes to kill steal & destroy. He has a plan for us too, but it’s not good. Don’t let his lies and negative self-talk destroy you. Shut him down & choose to focus on what God says about you.

As I go into the weekend, I’m no longer focusing on what I didn’t accomplish, but celebrating all the good things I have been blessed with, including what I HAVE accomplished, which is more than enough. We are enough.

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