Extended Weekend of Love

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend full of lots of love! We certainly enjoyed ourselves. It was an extended long weekend with family day and then a snow day the following day. So we had lots of down time.

Andrew and I didn’t make it to our Valentine’s Day supper, as Ivy was having sleeping issues, but we still enjoyed ourselves and our family time. On Saturday we took a drive to a little town about an hour away and enjoyed brunch with the family. It was a lovely new restaurant and a nice little adventure. With Covid, no one has been able to go too far, so this felt wonderful.

For Valentines, I had made Elle, Andrew and my mom a chocolate charcuterie (Ivy is still too small for for junk food). When Elle woke up and saw it she went running around the house and telling everyone and asking who left all the candy on the table. It was like Christmas here, haha. So the day after Valentine’s Day (which was family day holiday), she recreated the charcuterie and declared Valentine’s wasn’t over! She was on a junk high most of the weekend!

Holiday’s are so lovely, don’t you think!? I love how everything feels extra special on those days. Having children has amplified that even more – especially as they are getting a bit bigger and more excited! They just add so much extra.

What did you do for the Valentine’s Day weekend? I hope you spent it with someone you love, whether it’s your partner, parents, siblings, children or friends. Have a wonderful week ahead!

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