My little bookworm

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The other night I was giving Ivy a bath in Elle’s ensuite, waiting for Elle to join her. She was taking forever, so I peaked out and there she was, curled up in her bed with her nose in a book.

She is currently obsessed with the Claris Series (Claris the Chicest Mouse in Paris). I mean, she loves all her books and has since she was a baby. The girls have more books than I know what to do with & I am okay with that.

To be honest, we sometimes have to rotate toys to make room for new ones (we put ones that are not being played with in storage & when she is wanting a new toy she will go pick one out. It’s like a trip to the toy store for her!)

Not books tho; we always make room for books. The only ones we store are the seasonal/holiday stories. And as much as it drives me crazy to be picking them up & organizing them (constantly), I’m so thankful my girls both love to read.

I could instantly cry thinking about the fact that they will someday outgrow all those sweet storybooks we have spent the last three years collecting.

Do your kids love to read? What’s their favourite book or series? Also, sidebar, I’ve also done a little Easter decorating. Do you decorate for Easter? I mainly do the kids bedrooms. Comment below!

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