Sunday Best

Elle & Ivy’s Dresses: LuxLim | Elle’s Booties: LuxLim | Ivy’s Shoes: Angel | Elle & Ivy’s Bows: Bebe Theory | My Shoes: Valentino (I have had these for 6 years!) | My Dress: Marshall’s Find (no longer available) | Andrew’s Jacket: Orlebar Brown (this colour not available but in this nice cream colour)

Easter has always been one of my favourite holidays. I love all it represents. I always think how incredible the metaphor of spring is and that it also hosts this amazing historical event that would forever change the lives of many.

Since becoming parents, we have so much fun making Easter crafts with the kids and playing Easter Bunny when they go to bed, creating an Egg hunt and surprising them with a few things. We look forward to seeing the excitement of our girls Easter morning, but we realize the real meaning of this special weekend. When he was on the cross, we were on his mind. How moving is that?

Good Friday is only good because Easter Sunday happened. So as we enjoy this holiday weekend with our families, I pray everyone takes time to reflect and has a deep revelation of what it all means.

Jesus was literally tortured for our transgressions. He lived a perfect life and was tortured and then died so that we might live. It didn’t end there though, he defeated the grave and rose from death proving his promises are true. This is a recorded event in history. Jesus is real and he is a live today.

If you haven’t received the free gift of His grace, you are missing out, big time. There is no love more profound than what he did for us. He literally laid down his life for us. He’s offering you everything you ever needed and will ever want. Words cannot simply not describe how grateful I am to Him for what he did for me/us. Everyone needs to experience how amazing His love is for them.

I love you Jesus, because you first loved me. Thank you for what you did for me on that cross. Thank you for your patience and for loving me when I didn’t deserve it. I adore you. You are my friend, father, King and savour. You’re all that I need and all that I want.

Happy Easter, everyone, from our family to yours!

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