What are you thankful for!?

My Hat: KyiKyi | My Sweater: Onzie (on sale right now!) | Sneakers: New Balance (no longer available but similar here) | Stroller: Uppa Vista | Kids Puffers: Zara Kids (no longer available) Elle’s Boots: Luxe Lim (on sale!) | Ivy’s Boots: Uggs | Kids Sets: Pouf

Happy Monday, everyone!

Starting the week with so much gratitude! I like to think on these things daily, as I have a lot to be thankful for! At the top of the list are; my girls, Andrew, our health and this beautiful sunny weather today!

I love that the trail by my house is now snow & mud free! I just love getting out in nature for walks and happy my girls can tag along now too! It’s been crispy outside, but just right for walking.

What are you thankful for today!? Comment below! We can always find something! Wishing you all an amazing week ahead! Good things are happening!

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