The Eve of my 40th Birthday…

My Coat: Cinzia Rocca (no longer available) similar here | Elle & Ivy’s Cardigans: LuxeLim (these are SO beautiful and currently on sale)| Ivy’s Bow: Little Lopers | My Faux Leather Leggings: Commando | My Shoes: No longer available, but similar here |

It’s the Eve of my 40th birthday, Y’all! I can’t believe it! Also can’t believe I’m so excited!

I stopped getting excited about celebrating my birthday around 29/30, haha (thought I was old then!). However my recent battle with cancer has opened my eyes to so much, including how very blessed I am to be celebrating a birthday!

I feel so content and life has never been better. My schedule and arms are usually full, but so is my heart. So thankful for these two precious gifts, Elle Rose & Ivy London, Sadie dog and my amazing man behind the lens, taking this photo.

Everyone is asking me what I will do for my birthday! I’ve never been one for birthday parties. It’s funny because I love throwing them for people, but never really enjoyed people throwing them for me. Maybe I dislike the attention, but mostly I think it’s just the introvert in me.

On my special day, I have always enjoyed pampering myself and celebrating quietly with family and then doing a birthday trip in Lieu of a party. I always prefer to see my friends one-on-one and quality time over lunch or dinner, as opposed to trying to squeeze conversations with everyone into one night.

That said, for my 40th, I had big big plans!I was dreaming about trip to Champagne (because I love champagne, duh) or to do a Holy Land tour in Israel and walk where Jesus walked!

I celebrated my 39th Birthday in quarantine last year, and it was perfect, but had hoped things would be somewhat back to normal by this milestone birthday. I guess that means I will just have to have a birthday year and take that trip before the next birthday arrives, God willing.

I plan to reflect more on what turning 40 means to me and feels like vs what I thought it would feel like, sometime over the next couple weeks. For the next 3 hours I’m enjoying every moment of my 30’s, because if there is one thing I’ve learned these last 10 years is that every second is a gift not to be wasted.

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