Happy Mother’s Day

My Dress: Chicwish | My Shoes: Valentino | Elle’s Dress: House of Emerson (no longer available, but similar here) | Ivy’s Dress: Marshall’s find | Elle’s Shoes: Children’s Salon | Ivy’s Shoes: Maisonette | Brunch Box: Sweet & Salty Grazing Co.

I hope all the mama’s had a wonderful weekend and you were honoured as the extraordinary women you are! I had actually forgot it was mother’s day weekend until the day before, haha. It crept up on me! I had a nice time doing what I love with the ones I love. Andrew had the most amazing breakfast box curated from a local small business (it was so well done, I might steal the idea and get one for him for father’s day haah – not original but it was really good!). I have linked them in case you’re local.

After breakfast, I took my time getting ready for church (it was really nice not having to worry about getting anyone else ready for once!). I got filled up at church and came home and I enjoyed the afternoon with my first born, Elle, while our youngest, Ivy napped. We cuddled out on the porch, painted, played skip rope and went for a walk to feed the horses. Then we all got ready and went to dinner at our old restaurant, sat in our booth like old times and enjoyed a nice meal. After getting the kids to bed, we finished the evening off with a glass of wine and a show! It was just perfect.

I have been reflecting over the past few days on the woman I am and how far I have come and where I want to go. I keep coming back to proverbs 31. The women in these scriptures models an amazing example of a wife and mother. I really want to ensure I’m pouring so much good into my children and my marriage.

That said, being Elle & Ivy’s mother has to be the most incredible role I’ve ever had and I don’t take it lightly. They inspire me to want to be the best person I can be, because I want to be the best example to them as what a mother, daughter, wife, and friend looks like, to help build a healthy and strong foundation for them.

I am by no means even close to perfect, but I hope they always see me striving to do better every day and that modelling my faith in God will plant seeds of faith in them. That was the best gift my parents ever gave me and passing that gift on to my girls might be the most important purpose of my life.

So thank you, God, for entrusting these beautiful girls to me and making me their mama. I promise to continue to always do my best, to be all that you called me to be, for you and for them.Wishing you all a Happy Mother’s Day! Whether you have children or not, you can still have a mother’s heart for others and this day is for you also!

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