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A few weeks ago I got pulled over for speeding. It has been years since my last speeding ticket. In fact, when the officer came back after checking my license, he said “I hate to ruin your perfect driving record”, then proceed to give me a fine.

It was Good Friday morning. I was heading to Starbucks to get Andrew and I coffees. It was sunny and beautiful and I had my music blasting – was feeling all kinds of thankfulness. Without realizing I as going 90 in a 50 zone. Yes, I know – pretty fast. In my defence it was pretty quiet on the streets and the place I got pulled over was shortly after the highway turns into a street. It’s so easy to not realize how fast you’re going especially when there are very little cars on the road.

That said, when the officer asked why I was speeding, I was totally honest with him. I said just that, it was a beautiful day and I was just not realizing after coming off the highway how fast I was going….

He thanked me for my honesty, but said I was going too fast to give only a warning, so he gave me the lowest ticket possible, which was very kind! Although, it still made for expensive coffees when you look at them as $100 a piece, haha. However, I knew I fully deserved it and appreciated the grace he showed me in lowering my ticket. I never should have been driving that fast and looked at it as a possible warning to slow me down or make me aware for the future, as it could end up saving me or someone else’s life.

That said, the funniest thing happened that weekend. During Easter Sunday church, one of the illustrations our pastor gave us, when talking about the crucification of christ, was about getting pulled over by the cops and getting fine. My ears perked and I knew God was speaking to me. However, I thought, I already understand what he did on the cross and the grace he offers us through his sacrifice. So I knew there was something hidden in there, that God was trying to show me.

Over the next several weeks, every time I would pass that spot I got pulled over, I would find myself reflecting on my personal experience that day and how it related to the sermon. Then the other day, just when I thought I couldn’t get a deeper revelation, while I was out for my walk, I felt God really speak to my spirit. I found myself thinking about what it would be like if God was like that police officer, kind, very polite, protective and offered us grace, (which is now many of us view Him), but not enough to cover the fine, just enough to lower the punishment (also how many see see Him). I thought, what if God said, you have a perfect record Rebecca, but you messed up big time today. So although I hate to ruin your perfect record, I will have to punish you, but it won’t be as bad of a punishment as it should be….

Thank goodness, that’s not how God operates. Instead, he says I know you’re going to mess up and you don’t have a perfect record, that’s why I sent my only son, Jesus, who came and lived a perfect life and bore the sins of the world, as a living sacrifice, so you can now be made perfect in my sight. Imagine, we put Him on the cross, and He still forgives us. In fact, He knew we would put him there – it was all part of the plan so He could redeem us.

Now, that being said, Im not saying this isn’t gives us a “licence” to sin. However, He understands we are imperfect people living in a fallen world and we will mess up. This is why we needed the cross. No amount of good we will ever do could ever make us perfect enough to enter the Kingdom of heaven, but when we accept Jesus as our living sacrifice, we are now covered in his blood and can be made perfect in Him. (Hebrews 9:12) When we reject that sacrifice -5 that is considered the unpardonable sin. (Matthew 12:31-32)

Thankfully, our God is a God of grace. He gives everyone opportunities to receive his free gift of grace. When we rain christ and we make a mistake and are genuinely sorry, God just doesn’t forgive us, He casts them into the deep sea (Micah 7:19). He forgets we even did it (Isaiah 43:25). How amazing is that?

So friends, it doesn’t matter if you have messed up, God wants to heal you and make you whole. God isn’t looking for perfection; He is looking for a step in the right direction. That said, the first step in the right direction is to by faith, invite Jesus to come into your life and surrender all areas of your life to him. That is simply giving the one that made you lordship in your life. Trust me, you couldn’t be in better hands when you do this. Then, ask for forgiveness of your sins. Then God will meet you where you are and begin to do an amazing work in your life.

Getting into his word and find a solid local church are important tools to help you grow in your faith. Ask the Lord to guide you and he will. (proverbs 3:5-6) He will help you become all Has called you to be and you will live a life of amazing purpose, filled with peace and joy like never before. All His promises are for you. God is powerful and He is love. There is nothing he cannot do. I pray he fills you with His revelation and power today.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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