It’s a Special Occasion!

My jump-suit: Twig + Feather | Panama Hat: Unavailable, but similar here, here & here | My Jacket: Unavailable but similar here My Flip Flops: TKees (these are a staple – I actually had them monogramed!) | Tote: Louis Vuitton | Location: The Cabot Links Resort

How many times have we saved our children’s “good clothes” for a special occasion, only to have them outgrow them.

I am working hard on retraining my mindset to stop saving things for a “special occasion,”because after battling colon cancer, I am realizing more than ever, being alive is a special occasion!

So buy the shoes, eat the cake, wear your favourite dress, open the expensive bottle of wine, get fancy. Do whatever makes you feel special and don’t wait for a “special occasion”, because if you’re reading this, you’re alive! So today is a special occasion! Cheers!

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