Cozy Earth Review (Discount Code Included)

Joggers: Cozy Earth | Pullover Crew: Cozy Earth | Slippers: Steve Madden | Earrings: Twig & Ivory (these beautiful artisan clay earrings have an incredible story behind them, please check them out) | Pottery: Dirt Factory Ceramics | Duvet Cover: Pottery Barn (no longer available) also like this one | Silk Pillow Cases: Slip ( love these for sleeping! So many benefits) Rug: Amazon | Bed: Restoration Hardware | Table Lamps: Home Sense Find | Ceiling Iight: Restoration Hardware (no longer available)

Want to do a review on these Cozy Earth loungers, as I was eager to try them and share with you guys!

First I will say that the quality and fit is great — super flattering and comfortable. The fabric is very thick and soft fabric, perfect for cooler months or really cold air conditioned homes (mine gets so cold in summer)! The cream isn’t the slightest see-through which is hard to find!

I am a sucker for natural fibres and was really excited that Cozy Earth use bamboo to create their pieces (hence their name). That said, my only disappointment was that this set is not 100% bamboo. I might not have been disappointed if I hadn’t just assumed everything in their line was 100% bamboo. That said, the although mostly natural, the fabric content does consist of some acrylic. They are 70% Premium Viscose from Bamboo,  26% Acrylic, 4% Spandex.

I love the idea of a Pjs doubling as a lounge set, but I think I will wear these more as lounger over Pjs, because I like the idea of having 100% breathable fabric in the night when I get warm under the covers.

That said, I feel these will be perfect for lounging around the house on the weekend or just mom-ing in general. They would also make a great travel set – so chic, comfy and cozy at the same time! I also love that they have pockets!

Overall, I really love them at give them an 8 out of 10! Also, this specific set is on sale and I’m also giving my followers 40% off their purchase with my code: LABELLAVITA – so I hope you take advantage of this generous discount they have offered my readers!

Are you more of a lounger or Pj girl? Do you love Bamboo? Have you tried Cozy Earth? Share in comments below. Thanks for reading!

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