New Addition to the Family

Meet the new addition to our family, Posie or as Ivy calls her, Posie Rosie. She has been with us for two weeks and has quickly stolen our hearts. The girls love her and she loves them. 

Posie is a blue Burmese. We chose this breed after much research and careful consideration. With two kids under 5 and a dog, we needed to eliminate as much unpredictables as possible.

Burmese cats are known to be almost doglike in nature. They like being picked up and get along well with children and other pets. These were important traits to us. They are also low shedding, which is a bonus. 

Although, Sadie and Posie are still getting acquainted and there has been some hissing, swipes and chasing, I’m sure they will become besties eventually.

Do you have pets at home? Are you team cat or team dog?

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