Happy 2nd Birthday Ivy London

Ivy London,

You’re two years old already! How did this happen so fast! You’re everything and more than mamma & dada could have ever imagined. Your story is a beautiful one! You’re an overcomer and already have such a strong will! You know exactly what you like and want and no one will sway your decision otherwise (not even with bribes for candy).

You are soft yet strong & sweet, yet spicy! You are a true girly girl – you love your hair bows and are oh so polite. I love how you blurt out, I love you mamma, I love you dada, at random moments and I can tell you mean it from bottom of your heart. I love that my kisses can heal your booboos and that you are so kind and gentle with animals.

You have such a special bond with both Sadie & Posie Rosie. Your sister, you call, Elle Belle Rose, thinks the world of you and you think the world of her and I love watching you grow together.

You’re one of a kind baby girl. You were made to do amazing things, my little butterfly! Love you to the heavens & back x infinity my beautiful Angel baby.

Your mamma xx

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