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Today I’m going to focus on one very relevant movement that is to creating hope and unity across our great country of Canada. I’m sure may have heard of the Freedom Convoy that has created quite a noise (literally and figuratively speaking). It started as a group of Canadian truckers that were standing up against the Covid mandates, like the most recent requirement to receive the Covid 19 shot in order to cross the American boarder. However, it quickly turned into something so much bigger – a movement of Canadians from walks of life and demographics, standing up for their freedoms.

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First, I would like to express, I am not an anti-vaxxer, although I will definitely not blindly trust anything going forward without doing my research. I am, however anti-mandate. The problem as I see it with these mandates, is their coercive and lack informed consent. The covid shot, as we know it here in Canada, is still undergoing clinical trials until 2023. It has emergency authorization due to the current “state of emergency.” However, since its roll out the data has proven that it’s effectiveness has dwindled substantially. In fact, the CDC stated the vaccine doesn’t prevent transmission. There have been many individuals that have suffered adverse effects and even death (I know some personally). So with the current data available, why are we continuing to divide and discriminate? Why are decision makers ignoring our questions? Why do they continue to suppress information?

Our entire household had Covid over the last 2 weeks. Some of us are vaccinated and some of us are not – but we all had similar symptoms. Also important to note, the virus came into our home via a “vaccinated” person. I don’t say that to shame anyone, but to make the point: we can all get it and spread it – regardless of having this controversial shot. Furthermore, our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, whom is responsible for enforcing some of these discriminatory mandates and encouraging divisive rhetoric, is currently in isolation after testing positive to Covid 19 and he is apparently double vaccinated and boosted. My province’s Premier, Blaine Higgs, whom has also been ridiculed by Conservatives for his over-reach, has been and continues to be very divisive and push these mandates, also double vaccinated and boosted, contracted covid.

This post isn’t about vaccinated vs. unvaccinated. I love you regardless what you have chosen. I believe vaccines work and science is a process that God has blessed us with as a tool, but I also believe in bodily autonomy and small government. The fact we are in a worse position than we were one year ago pre-vaccine rollout, is just one of many blatantly obvious benchmarks that this mandate is bogus. On top of that, these mandates have done nothing but destroy our country, by attacking hardworking Canadians, the backbone of our economy and heart of our country. The government over-reach and the way information has been suppressed and individuals that speak out have been cancelled, has really raised red flags with me and many Canadians over the last two years. This is as much an information war, as we fight the lies of the media, whom continues to try control the narrative and keep Canadians under their trance. While the Government(s) simultaneously take away the freedoms hardworking Canadians. What a time to be alive!

Fredericton, New Brunswick

As a Canadian, I grew up being so proud to be from such a beautiful and friendly part of the world. We have always been known as a melting pot of diverse, polite, loving, and accepting individuals. As our national anthem indicates, we are known as the True North Strong and Free. However, over time, especially these last 4 years, we have seen the erosion of democracy in our nation. We have seen identity politics take over and our prime minister and other political figures, use divisive tactics in lieu of unifying solutions.

It’s been a very sad and dark time in our history and has brought out the worst in many. I can’t believe the hate I see coming from people. I have seen a side of some that I have known for a long time, that I never would have imagined, all because of the atmosphere of fear that has been perpetuated in our country. As fear tries to dominate, I am constantly reminded of the scripture, 2 Timothy 1:7 – ‘for God has not given us the spirit of fear, He has given me a spirit of power and love and a sound mind.’ The Bible has many scriptures that tell us not to fear – this is a command from God. Fear is a tool of the devil and the bible tells us he comes to kill, steal and destroy (John 10:10).

All that to say, when I learned about this convoy of truckers rising up from the east and west to head to our Nation’s capital with a message of unity and freedom, hope began to stir up in my spirit! “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.” (2 Corinthians 3:17) I felt so humbled and such a great respect toward these bold and courageous Canadian men and women. These individuals have worked thru the pandemic as essential workers, bringing us essential goods we need to survive, including much of the food we eat! Then to see them disregarded and disrespected, like other amazing men and women that have been kicked to the curb for their personal choice, is beyond sad – it’s evil.

So many doctors, nurses, teachers, social workers and other government employees, disregarded and disrespected – it is just wrong. Anyone that cannot see how wrong this is, I love you, but I feel sorry for you. You are likely a victim of propaganda and you cannot see the truth.

I know posting this on my social channels could cost me, since big tech (ie. IG, Facebook) frown on anything that goes against their narrative, but I cannot be silent. That just isn’t me. I’m strong in my convictions and doing what I feel is right and having integrity will away be more important to me than being popular. If we are not actively standing up for what’s right, we are part of the problem.

What’s been happening to our country the past year is not my Canada. It’s not the Canada I grew up in and helped shape me. It’s not the country my grandfather fought to leave us and it’s certainly not the country that I want to leave for my children. I have never prayed harder for my country as I have over the last year.

When my daughter, Elle and I, went to cheer the truckers on as they passed thru our city (history in the making), I felt so much hope. For the first time in several years, I felt proud to be Canadian, like never before. The love, hope, kindness the people present at this rally reflected, felt so unifying and so good and SO Canadian. It was like nothing I every experienced. This is the message I’m seeing and hearing from Canadians all over the country and those in attendance, despite the false narrative the mainstream media and Government want to push.

I love people; all people – regardless if you agree with me or my opinions, I still love you! Those that try to spew hate and call people names to attack the character of those standing up for freedom, I love you too and we are doing this for you as much as we are doing it for us (whether you realize it yet or not). We need to stop exploiting peoples differences and come together as a nation. It’s not time to divide, but time to unify. The current Government(s) would love to continue to distract everyone with divisive mandates; pitting Canadians against one another, while they strip us of our freedoms. We will not let them divide us!

We are all uniquely different, but alike in so many ways! A story I read my girls all the time called, One Big a heart, says it well: “Each one of us is different, because what fun would it be, if I looked like my classmates and they all looked like me. Our faces make a rainbow, lots of colours all around, shades of tan and melon skin, and even chocolate brown. I see the smiling faces and understand today, we are more alike thanks different in many special ways. The way we are most alike, the most important part, God gave us all a special gift; we each have one big heart.”

I pray this movement allows us to reconnect thru our one big heart, as we focus on the ways we are alike and respect and embrace the ways we are different. I pray this movement continues to stir up hope and unify Canadians and that love would abound in our nation. I pray this will bring about the much needed change to give our children a future in a country that is free. I’ve been praying protection over all these brave men and women daily and will continue do so.

To the few ‘bad apples’ that have tried to hijack the message of these brave, law abiding Canadians that are peacefully expressing their frustration to our Government, – we condemn and rebuke you (we also realize you were paid and planted to be there, by the opposition – I worked in politics long enough to spot this disgusting tactic). Your message is not welcome in our country and does not speak for the millions or Canadian men and women standing up for our freedoms – including myself and my family.

God bless, Canada and God bless the truckers and the freedom convoy, as they peacefully exercise their democratic right and try to navigate the lies, bullies, opposition. With God’s grace, I believe their efforts will aid in leading us back to our Canadian roots! I want to say thank you al who have been and continue to, stand up for our freedoms. You are bold and courageous and representing the hearts and hopes of millions of Canadians. We stand united with you!

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