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Sister Style

Cardigans & matching Hats: Luxelim | booties: Luxelim | Dresses: luxelim

My sisters are of two of my bestest friends. There is quite a gap in our ages (8-10 years) so we didn’t grow up playing together, but they always had my back and do till this day.

Watching Elle & Ivy’s sisterly bond grow each day has been one of my best gifts as a mom. They laugh and play and even fight, but they always have each-other’s backs, even at this young age – it’s really special to see.

To know that love will only deepen as they grow is truly amazing. Love how they are close in age. So nice they always have eachother to play and make memories with. Besties for life!

Do you have a sister that’s your bestie? Are you a mom of sisters? If either, comment below on what makes it extra special to you!

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