Elle Rose’s first day of kindergarten

Elle’s jumper & Hat: Mayoral (on sale) | Elle’s backpack: Stoneyclover (custom)

Just like that, my Isabella Rose is off to begin this big and important chapter of her life. I was waiting for it to really hit me, and as I was reflecting while going thru photos and remembering the years, it became real. 🥹

The house is going to be much quieter without her big persona around from 8-3. Thank goodness Friday is a short day! We will miss her dancing and singing all around the house and her bubbly and bossy disposition – lol. Always needing to be busy and demanding 100% of your attention, but so sweet, thoughtful and caring.

My mama heart is so sad this chapter with Elle has come to an end, but also so excited for what’s to come. It’s bitter sweet isn’t it? And never quite long enough. We always want more time, but this is a commodity we cannot buy and we all share equal amounts of, as all our days have 24 hours.

That said, I’m thankful for the one that controls the clocks and that He always shows himself so faithful. To think that at 18 months I took Elle to gymnastics where she would then meet two of her good friends that she Is beginning this new journey with, as they attend the same school and start kindergarten in the same class! It brings me so much comfort and peace that I can’t put into words.

Such a testimony of how God goes before us – His plans are higher. As I was reminded of this beautiful display of God’s goodness this morning, while taking their photos, I know with such a deep sense, that God has these little’s in the palm of his hand and He has great plans ahead. Closing with this scripture He placed on my heart during this reflection. Xx

“The mind of a person plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps.”

Proverbs 16:9

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