Tips on white after labour day!

Love our Sunday ritual as a family! We have breakfast, head to church then have quality family time as our extended family members drop by to visit and enjoy food and fellowship!

As a girl mom, it’s fun to take advantage of dressing up when we can! These outfits pictured were this weeks Sunday Best. Yes, I incorporated white after Labour Day!

Did you know you can wear white all year round? You just need to ensure the pieces are the right seasonality. For hot days transitioning into fall, feel free to pull out your linens, cottons & silks. On cooler days, simply add some layers to give more weight to fabric and dimension to your ensemble.

White shoes and handbags can be season-less when worn with the right colour palettes! They are actually trending right now!

That said, I would store linen and a lighter weight dresses for winter. Also, store handbags like the one I’m wearing for winter. They are definitely made for spring/summer and hot days transitioning to fall.

Like many things relating to fashion and style, wearing white in the cooler months can truly be a balancing act, but it can’t be done — properly! Don’t mess it up, as it can lesson you gravitas and no one wants that!L unsure and need expert image or advice in this area or another, book a consult with me at Requisite Consulting.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day! Xx

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